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Making work interesting

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10 months ago

I'm sure that like many people out there, you who's reading this might also be working at least 8 hours each day. Maybe you only have 1 or 2 days as your rest day, but for others they are working seven days a week and 8-9 hours a day! And if this is what you experience, Surely, this big amount of time that you consume for working makes you feel bored. Plus the fact that a lot of work and jobs today are repetitive which is not something that can be proud of.

But in this time of pandemic, no one can afford to lose a job, in this time when a lot of people wants to get at least a simple job. So instead of thinking about resigning or leaving work, the most important thing to do is to find ways to make your work enjoyable or how to make it fun.

There are benefits when you try to make your work fun. You'll appreciate your work more, and you will also tressure it and know its importance. But can we find enjoyment in our work? Let's discuss that in this article.

Be enthusiastic about your work. Sometimes, the best way to enjoy work is to act like you enjoy it, because our mind can control what we feel. But you may say that the nature of your work will never allow you to be that active. And that your work is just a routine of daily activities and there's no way for you to change that. Maybe you are doing that job for so many years already, and you feel that it is already impossible for you to look at it from a different perspective and find it interesting. But some simple tactics can help you to feel more energized, standing upright and smiling can help!

Focusing on what you are doing can also help. Don't work like you are some kind of machine and do not think of break time, lunchtime, the weekend, your rest day or other things you need to accomplish while you're working. It is better to focus your mind on your current work because the possible result is that you will not notice that the time has passed already, and it is also possible that you'll enjoy your work when you focus your mind on it.

This happens naturally when you find yourself overwhelmed with a task you really want. You can achieve the same satisfaction by forcing yourself to pay full attention to the work you normally do without being satisfied.

Do Your Best. If we try to do our best on our work, we are more likely to enjoy it. But of course, this goes against the popular notion that when you find your work uninteresting or boring, you should try to do it with a little effort. But partial effort and negligent are more likely the reason to increase fatigue and anxiety, and it can even sap our strength. There are cases that a person who comes home from work as exhausted, anxious and stressed is more likely to suffer because he did not work hard.

So it is very important to do the best that you can at work. If you do more than just a little, you will feel more satisfied and pleased of yourself and as a result, you will be happier. Also keep in mind that if you do the important things at work first, you will enjoy your short breaks and lunch break more as well as the weekend or rest day because you will not be anxious about being scolded by your boss or higher ups because you didn't do your work properly.

Competition is inevitable at work sometimes, but instead competing with others at work, try to compete with yourself and outdo yourself. It can be done through setting new goals and setting new standards for yourself. Move forward!

And lastly, remove any negative thinking that working days is boring. I always see posts on my friend's social media about "TGIF" and "Ugh it's monday again!" This implies that they like the weekends more than the working days, if this is your way of thinking or mindset then you are more likely not to enjoy our work and find it boring and uninteresting. Look at the work that is in front of you, focus on it like it is one of your hobbies! This way you will work effectively and you will find your work more interesting.


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Avatar for thepandagirl
Written by   82
10 months ago
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I enjoyed reading your article, it got me thinking a bit, if I am not busy at work I tend to watch the clock thinking, when will it be lunch time, when can I go home. Maybe you are right I need to keep more busy and be more engaged in my work, so then I won't think about the time so much and my work will be more enjoyable too. I will give it a try at least. I like your positive attitude.

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10 months ago

Oh I'm glad I'm not working yet but it's so true. Adulting is very hard and you feel the feeling that you have have to work until you die and nothing more..

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10 months ago