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What I Watch When I'm Bored...Part 4 (Philippines T.V. Series/Teleserye Edition)

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5 months ago

Annyenghaseyo chingus (it means HELLO MY READ.CASH FRIENDS) welcome back to my blog. It’s meh again susanavel2005. Hello amazing people here in

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Let me introduce first my awesomes and generous sponsors before I begin with my article. Please do visit them because they are so amazing and you can learn a lot from them.

Tonight my article is all about “WHAT I WATCH WHEN I’M BORED…PART 4 (PHILIPPINES T.V.SERIES/TELESERYE EDITION).” This time I’ll talk about some of the most popular T.V. series or teleserye here in the Philippines.


these are the casts

First, we have Kadenang Ginto a 2018 family drama, revenge, romance and melodrama television series from Philippines. Starring Francine Diaz as Cassandra “Cassie” Mondragon, Andrea Brillantes as Margaret “Marga” Mondragon Bartolome, Beauty Gonzalez as Romina Andrada Mondragon the mother of Cassie Mondragon and Dimples Romana as Daniela Mondragon Bartolome the mother of Marga Mondragon, Albert Martinez as Robert Mondragon and Luis Alandy as Carlos Bartolome. They release it October 8, 2018 and ends February 7, 2020 which leave such a big impact to the audience.

Kadenang Ginto is about Romina Andrada a secretary who turned to be the wife of business man Robert Mondragon (the father of Romina Mondragon) who accept her even though she is raped. On the other side Daniela Mondragon is the mastermind why Romina got raped she was jealous because Daniela’s fiancé which is Carlos Bartolome is the ex-boyfriend of Romina.


the Four Sanggres

Next we have Encantadia a 2017 drama fantasy television series here in the Philippines. The series is base on a 2005 T.V. series that has the same title name it served as the reboot of the 2005 series. Starring the 4 Sanggres (The Princesses) or the keeper of the gems. We have Kylie Padilla the first born who played the role of Amihan the keeper of the blue gem or the gemstone of air, the second daughter Glaiza De Castro as Pirena the keeper of the red gem or the gemstone of fire, the third daughter Gabbi Garcia as Alena the keeper of the green gem or the  gemstone of water and lastly the youngest Sanya Lopez as Danaya the keeper of the brown gem or the gemstone of earth. I really really love their respective costumes from their Queen Mother up to the Four Sanggres. The way they fight is amazing it can be seen that they really trained very well.

Encantadia is divided into four kingdoms Lireo, Sapiro, Hathoria, and Adamya under the protection of Lireo. At the beginning Encantadia is at peace with only one gemstone the mother gem given by their God Emre. But greedy encantados (what they call the people in Encantadia) such as Adhara a fairy, wanted to get the power of the gem. The other kingdoms think that Lireo the queendom of fairies and pixies have so much power since their queen Queen Cassiopeia is the keeper of the mother gem. So, Cassiopeia made a decision to cleaved the gem and that resulted to a violent explosion and the once single gem became four parts. Each gem represented the four kingdom. Lireo in the East is the Queendom of fairies and pixies cared for the brilyante ng hangin (gemstone of Air). Sapiro in the North is the kingdom of healers and warriors they kept the brilyante ng lupa (gemstone of Earth). Hathoria in the West is the kingdom of militaristic miners and blacksmiths that develop weapons and war machinery in prepation of the war. They kept the brilyante ng apoy (gemstone of Fire). And finally the Adamya, in the South is the territory of the lamang-lupas (dwarves and hobbits). They kept the brilyante ng lupa (gemstone of Water). They are surrounded by the Adamyan Ocean which is abundant in farming and fishing.


These two teleseries I liked were about greed for power, money and position (except Encantadia money is not the cause of evil here). It is also about evil deeds versus good deeds. Lesson learned here in the latter part that evil will not prevail against good whatever else the wicked do they do not  succeed.

Thank you for stopping by to read my article I hope you like it. I will very much appreciate it if you will visit my page. Sending my online hugs and kisses to all people who have followed my page and always reading it. Also to my sponsors, likers, commentors, readers, upvoters and to Random Rewarder. Goodnight guys and keep safe everyone.

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December 04, 2021

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Written by   51
5 months ago
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Ay mao sd ahung tan awun2 sis kanang kadenang ginto hehehehh nice sija

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5 months ago

Hhahah parehas diay ta ate makaadik mn gyud sya na salida nindot sd.

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5 months ago