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Brownout.... Is there a good thing?

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6 months ago

How are you doin all my family? Today the weather is nice and it’s good to do the laundry I bet it will dry soon. It’s meh again chingus susanavel2005.

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I will share with you my experience yesterday. Around 7:00AM the power suddenly went out. Instead, it is not time for me to wake up, I just woke up because it was hot and there was no electric fan. I heard the power will be back at 3pm so it is gonna be an 8 hours with no electricity. It turned out that the whole barangay is experiencing the brown out. The electric company in our area doesn’t have an announcement prior to that so we can prepare at least, we can charge our phones and chargeable fans.

It’s so annoyingly boring I can’t watch my k-pop videos and watch tiktoks. I’m just using my free data but that is not enough it’s still boring to keep scrolling, so I decided to entertain myself without using some gadgets for example sleeping HAHAHAHA kidding aside I did some drawing and journaling to kill some time. Eventually I got tired so I take my sister outside to play with her car toy (I don’t know the name of that toy so please don’t come at me hehehe).

here is her toy car

I’m so sad because I can’t sleep I’m not bothered sleeping with no electric fan it’s just my mom wouldn’t let me she needs me to watch out for my little sister while she do the laundry. It is really sunny outside so we take that opportunity to do the laundry.sister while she do the laundry. It is really sunny outside so we take that opportunity to do the laundry.

There is an inside joke here in our place we call it brownout because our skin is “kayumanggi” or color brown I just share it to you guys because I found it funny, but that is not the real meaning behind it we’re just making fun out of it hehehe. I will give you the true meaning of brownout based on Wikipedia:

A brownout is an intentional or unintentional drop in voltage in an electrical power supply system. Intentional brownouts are used for load reduction in an emergency. The term brownout comes from the dimming of incandescent lighting when the voltage reduces. Wikipedia

Brownout have some perks on it like your eyes can rest from the radiation on our phones, our gadgets can take some rest too because I know we overuse them. We can go outside and play, socialize with our neighbors and maybe talk about something or even better gossip someone but always remember gossiping is only bad when you are backstabbing someone. It’s okay if your gossiping about the persons achievements, compliment them or talk about their personality but I know that we can’t avoid backstabbing someone just be careful on what to say.

When there is advantage there is also some disadvantage like you can’t use your electrical things at home for example your electric fan, your rice cooker, the wi-fi, the T.V., and many more. You also can’t charge your gadgets if its low battery, so it is better to just leave them and don’t use it to save the battery of it.

Thank God our father arrive so now I have time to sleep because it is 3pm and the power is back too I don’t need to endure being biten by the mosquitoes. And that’s where my experience with yesterday’s brownout ends.

And here we go again my article ends here. Hope you like it. I would like to say many thanks to my upvoters. I hope that the random rewarder will upvote your articles, too. Speaking of Random Rewarder I’ll take this chance to say THANK YOU again for your generousity really appreciate it. Till next time. Happy Reading.

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November 15, 2021

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Written by   51
6 months ago
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I don't like brownouts because I have kids, the youngest one can easily get prickly heat.

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6 months ago