Solving Rubik's Cube

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Greetings from my side!

Today I want to share something really interesting and hilarious with you all, before writing this article I though for a moment to drop this topic and let's write on an another one because I thought that it's so silly to talk about this because I think everyone has solved this before although i have took many times but never got soo much interested as i was today , but then I thought that if someone is able to laugh by reading my funny article than why not to share with my precious friends of it's also little bit informative (hehe) So let's start:

Today whole of the family was invited at my uncle house for iftar dinner, I was not in a mood to go there as I am facing fever from the past three days although I am quite well now, so one of my cousin was also with me and we did our iftar at home, after iftar she had some online work to do and boredom was just hovering over me then I saw Rubiks cube puzzle in the side drawer of my cousin, I just picked that up i haven't solved it before, my sister always keep rotating the puzzle in her hand, soo I have northing to do and I decided to completely solve it today, I started struggling with the cubes and keep rotating them from here to there.

When I complete one colour and move to another one then the first one just get mixup and all this continued then I completely focused and decided to complete white ones first.

After solving white ones i solved the red and blue side and then the green one has automatically became easy as much of the green cubes are gathered on one side so i don't have to do much struggle

but when i rotated the puzzle guess what? The white side was mixed up with the orange one(lol) ,I was messing up all the colours.

After some time I was just getting annoyed of all this but once i decided to solve so I have to solve this, by wandering from blue to yellow, red to green and all that, one by one by hook or crook at last the whole cube always solved and the happiness that i felt after solving it was just another level don't know why? Haha. Some of you might think it's very easy so why i was taking too much time actually i don't know the trick to solve it and it was first time I was interested to solve the rubiks cube otherwise i took it many times in my hand and just left after rotating one or two sides .

Final look (haha)

But then I forgot the way i have solved the Rubix cube so I just pocked up my phone and searched about the tricks to solve this and then I have to Ruin my 2 hours struggle because I wanted to solve this using the trick I learned from Internet sources and the tricks were really useful as using one of them i just solved it in 10 min still the time period is large because a man has set a world record by solving the whole Rubix cube in just 3.47 second Isn't it amazing? Yup it is.

So let me share the technique known as algorithm method to solve the Rubik's cube:

Parts of Rubiks Cube

There are three main parts of Rubiks cube:

  • Centre cubes

  • Edge cubes

  • Corner cubes

Centre cubes are located in centre of each side and have one visible colour, there are total six centre cubes so colur of centre cube represents each side of the whole Rubiks.

Edge piece is where two visible colours meet, there are total 12 edge pieces and they have two visible colours.

Corner pieces are located in the corner and they are 8 in number and have three visible colours.

Steps to solve in just minutes:

Firstly let me tell you the algorithm that is the main block for the solution, the solution of the puzzle depends on this algorithm .◇(Honestly speaking while learning about this algorithm I was just getting mathematical vibes that are most scary vibes for me..haha)◇


☆F= FRONT (green side)

☆B=BACK (blue)

☆L=LEFT (White)

☆R=RIGHT (Yellow)

☆U=UP (Red)

☆D=DOWN (Orange)

Colours are different on different cubes I mentioned the colours of sides according to my puzzle like it's not necessary to have green on front in every cube.


1)Firstly I have to make a white cross on the bottom, hold the cube with the white face up. I should get something like a daisy like yellow centre with white sides.When I was done with this align the right colours of the layers with the colour of the centre and rotate this layer do same with the remaining whites.

2)Solved the white corners the goal of this step is to have three cubes of the same colour in top layer and one cube in the centre of the middle layer of the left, right, front and back faces in this way the white side will be solved.

3)Now comes the work of algorithm to solve this step I used this algorithm from the main algorithm that i mentioned earlier:

R U R' U'

Here R means right and u means up so lemme tell you about R and R' or U and U' so simple R/U means clockwise rotating of Right side or any respective side and R/U' means counterclockwise rotation of any mentioned side.

Now How to solve this step using algorithm? firstly Rotate the Right side clockwise, Up side clockwise then R' means right side counterclockwise and at last Up side counterclockwise .

3)In step three I solved the middle layer , at this stage I need to solve the rest of middle layer so that the outer blocks are the same color as centre Rotate the cube to move the complete white face to the bottom and follow this algorithm:

● U R U' R' U F' U F

I have to solved this just like the way I solved in step 2 like up, right and front while rotating clockwise and counterclockwise.

4)Build yellow cross and follow this algorithm now:

● F R U R' U' F'

Here instep 4 I have to repeat this algorithm three times.

5)Then I swapped yellow edges in the top layer to arrange the edges of yellow cross and then used this algorithm:

● R U R' U R U' 2R'

Same like before just have to rotate 2R' means rotating right side counterclockwise two times

6) To get the yellow corners in right place i used this algorithm:

● U R U' L' U R' U'

7)Now finally final layer almost done almost done don't get bore dear friends. I just solved the corners and rotated the cube.Then used the algorith

● U R' U' R

So its solved finally, actually this method seems so lengthy when i first saw this method i thought it won't work and I was unable to understand it but when i solved the cube step by step using this method it was really interesting and just took 10 minutes. If any of you have read this method first time like me you will get confused little bit but if you have a puzzle in your hand then it's pretty much easy.

I am practicing it from the past few hours may be next world record would be set by me by solving in less than 3.47 seconds(lol, just kidding)

All the pictures and gif were captured by me

Lead image is from #Pinterest

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I remember when I first purchased a Rubik's cube long ago from a book fair in 1982. During those days, book fairs were also not popular. There was a small printed paper with the guidelines on how to solve it using a formula. But, I tried it myself for hours, and my palms were tired. Then, I used the given formula, and It worked.

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2 years ago

Haha yes it's difficult to solve it randomly while if we use some tricks it can be done in minutes, thanks for reading and sharing your views

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Today I got to know that it is known as Rubik's cube . Well you are my teacher as you teaches me one word .May Allah recover you as you are not feeling well from past few days

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2 years ago

Haha , That's great that you learned something from my articles but in this way you are also my teacher as i learned soo many things from your articles actually i think we all here on readcash are learning some great things from each other so there is a student and teacher relationship between each and every writes at this great platform, btw thanks for the well wishes

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2 years ago

O know of a similar game here that involves rolling of q cube or dice that we play in primary school.. it's alot much easier but I guess this one is more fun

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2 years ago

Yeah its more fun but i found this one little difficult

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2 years ago

Yeah I know to solve this puzzle is not an easy task but you did it with the help of Google instructions indeed google has the solution of our every problem 🔥

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2 years ago

Haha that was really difficult for first time but when i get to know about the tricks it seemed quite easy

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Hahaha .. okay so my true story is I haven't ever even touched Rubik's cube, the fact that I can't solve it never goes away but yes you mentioned some great techs.. will surely try it this time

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2 years ago

Haha.. yes same is the case with me whenever i saw it in my sisters hand i just took and after rotating one pr two sides i got fed up, thank for reading and responding 🥰

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2 years ago

Ahh i studied your mentioned methodology but still not getting anything. Gonna try it practically, maybe it works. By the way great effort.

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2 years ago

It's really difficult to understand it without having the one in your hand haha it was soo fun

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2 years ago

I tried making a Rubik's cube several times. It's too complicated for me. I don't understand how it can be done in 3 seconds. Even my 10 year old nephew does it faster than me. I can't bear it. :)

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2 years ago

Haha.. same here you know my little sister can do it in just 2 to 3 minutes, btw thanks for the sponsorship and for your precious response, that means a lot

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2 years ago