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New workout trend HIIPA

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2 months ago

The last 10 years have brought many innovations in the field of sports. In this direction, there are also changes in our perception of exercise. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which has entered our lives, is one of them and is shown among the sine qua non of a healthy body. However, there is now a new alternative to the high-intensity training form that puts you in shape in such a short time. It's HIIPA...

Although the importance of exercising is known, sometimes not being able to spare a long time, sometimes the desire to exercise outside the gym, and sometimes bad weather conditions come between us with this healthy activity. There is a new trend for people who want to change their eating habits and lose weight on exercise: HIIPA. With this current, you find a way to stay energetic by turning the movements you do during the day into exercise.

Doesn't climbing stairs count as exercise? Or emptying the dishwasher? Shopping? If you've embraced the HIIPA movement, all of these activities are also exercise. The expansion of HIIPA, which covers all the movements done during the day: High-Intensity Intensity Physical Activity. That means high-intensity incidental activity. The reason why these exercises are random is because they vary according to the work we will do during the day. Climbing stairs, washing cars, taking the kids to the park or going to the market.

Experts say that even just 2 minutes of movement makes a difference, and they consider it enough to increase the heart rhythm for a movement to be counted as HIIPA. Thus, exercises that can be made regular without the need for extra time become a part of life. HIIPA is especially recommended for people who are prone to finding excuses for sports, who do not have enough motivation, who are sedentary and who are prone to obesity. For example, replacing the habit of taking the elevator with the habit of using the stairs and going up and down the stairs 3 times for 3 days for 6 weeks is considered a cardiovascular improvement. HIIPA is also used as a transition, especially after it increases the susceptibility to sports.

little by little during the day

You have to put in a little effort for your routine movements to count as HIIPA. However, do not say that carrying a bag is a sport, because it happens according to experts. Among the things you will do to add exercises to your life, many things will actually be things you love.

To move rhythmically by turning on upbeat music while doing housework.

-Increasing your speed while walking on the road

-Using stairs instead of elevators or escalators

-Cooking at home instead of ordering home

-Extending the road a little by adding new routes to the roads you use every day

-Parking your car some distance away

-Visiting a store instead of online shopping

-Cleaning your garden, taking care of the soil, if any

If you already have a fitness routine, HIIPA can only be supportive for you. But for those who want to do sports but can't find time or do not have enough motivation for it, they can make HIIPA a part of their lives. HIIPA is especially recommended for obese and sedentary people. For example; Even 20-second stair climbing sessions 3 times a day, 3 days a week for 6 weeks, provide cardiovascular improvement. Doing housework, dancing by yourself, taking the stairs instead of the elevator... The logic of HIIPA is that even 2 minutes of movement is beneficial...

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Written by   7
2 months ago
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