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İnterval Training

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2 months ago

Today, technology development is advancing rapidly, and as a result, the habit of moving is decreasing day by day. So much so that we became too lazy to stand up even to drink water. Although sedentary life causes the emergence of diseases; It also reduced the quality of life of many people. As the effect of technological developments, sedentary life has led to unhealthy weight gain as well as discomfort. So how do we get rid of these unhealthy weights?

There is a lot we need to know about interval training, which speeds up the metabolism more than regular training. While in normal training exercises, fat burning ends with training, with the interval training system, your body continues to burn fat after training.

 Interval training, if you apply it consistently; Thanks to your metabolism accelerating throughout the day, you will get results in a short time. Interval training, which helps you accustom your body to high tempos, will also help to increase your performance because they are done in a short and intense way.

Interval Training Workout

Interval training exercises, like other training, are applied in certain sets. Since each individual has different data such as performance, endurance and heart rate, you should determine the most suitable workout times for yourself.

Interval training; It is done by starting the training with a warm-up for 5 minutes and continuing your workout with a high tempo for 1 minute and a medium tempo for 2 minutes. Since these workouts are short but high-intensity workouts, they will maximize efficiency.

Burning Calories with Interval Training

 It is possible to perform interval training in different types of sports such as running, cycling and swimming. Therefore, how many calories you burn will vary depending on the type of sport you prefer. In addition, some variables such as metabolic rate, body fat rate, amount of excess weight, which differ in individuals, prevent a stable result.

 Individuals' knowing their own body structures should expect more realistic results in this direction. If you have any metabolic disorders, you may get slower results than your friend who will do the same work as you. However, it is worth noting that interval training applications give much faster results compared to other trainings and are more efficient in burning fat.

Benefits of Interval Training;

This type of training is especially preferred by individuals who aim to burn fat. Interval training, which helps to increase muscle mass in the body, also has great effects on metabolism.

 Interval training, which is applied with sets that slow down and accelerate at certain intervals, also carries the endurance level of the body to the top. You can do regular interval training to have a muscular, durable and stronger body.

Since this short and intense program will surprise your body, it will easily accelerate fat burning. Let's point out that interval training, which has been proven to have positive effects on heart health, is an ideal exercise for those who want to get in shape quickly.

What You Need to Know in Interval Training

If you prefer weight training in your training, interval training; It will be more beneficial to do it after your weight training.

When starting the training, you should not neglect to warm up and jog. You should start running at a minimum speed, but take care to increase the pace gradually.

In order for your interval training to be efficient, you need to start training immediately after warming up, without taking a break.

When you complete the workout, you should definitely do a cool-down run to make your muscles relax and relax. Thus, you will prevent cramps and pain in your muscles.

In order to learn your personal limits and do the most efficient interval training, it will be beneficial to get a heart rate monitor.

You should determine the best times in line with your body's reactions and continue your work in this way, without focusing yourself on a certain time during the warm-up and cool-down periods.

In interval training, you should not forget that the times you complete with low tempo are important for your body to recover and come to itself.

Individuals with heart problems may need to get doctor's approval before starting an interval training program. These exercises, which increase the heart and pulse rate, can also cause important health problems when applied uncontrolled.

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Written by   7
2 months ago
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I have been doing interval training for years and I recommend it. Before starting to do it, I recommend having a good physical conditioning. I don't think it is advisable for sedentary people. Good post!

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2 months ago

You are right, thank you for your information and comments. :)

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2 months ago