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How our brain is affected when we exercise

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2 months ago

We know that doing sports has many benefits for our physical health, but have you heard of its positive effects on our minds? Studies show that doing sports reduces stress, improves sleep quality, and even increases the ability to learn something new. So how does sport provide these?

Improves Brain Functions

Exercising is good for the brain in several ways. For example, by accelerating the heartbeat, it allows more blood to go to the brain and therefore more oxygen to be pumped. In addition, it also helps to secrete some hormones, providing a more nutritious environment for the development of brain cells. The truth is that walking and exercise have a positive effect on the brain. Studies have revealed that regular aerobic exercise increases the size of the hippocampus (memory area of ​​the brain). This improvement is to increase the improvement of memory-related brain activation not only during prolonged exercise but also during a workout.

Regular aerobic exercise can seriously help people with memory impairment. Taking a 45-minute walk or aerobic exercise 3 times a week, along with a proper and healthy diet, can improve memory and concentration.

Strengthens Vision Ability

For your eyes, walking every day is as effective as eating carrots. In recent studies, it has been observed that age-related cataract risk is associated with the patient's exercise and physical exercise ratio, and walking or exercising for more than 60 minutes a day is associated with reducing the risk of cataract, especially in the long term. Similarly, people who participate in sports activities have a 73% lower risk of glaucoma compared to sedentary people.

Eliminates Sleep Problems

If you have sleep problems, walking may be all you need to improve sleep quality. Good sleep is the sole basis for keeping the immune system and body alive. For those who exercise, the quality of falling asleep and sleep is 50% higher. Walking and exercising can significantly reduce these sleep problems, especially in women aged 50-75 who have postmenopausal sleep problems. Sleep quality can affect our physical and psychological health.

Provides Mental Calming

You may have heard that meditation is a great way to calm the mind and get rid of depression, but if you are active, taking an afternoon walk can help reduce stress. An exercise program that combines meditation and aerobic walking exercise can effectively reduce depression in people experiencing mental confusion.

Walking can clear your mind and help you reconnect with your body. You will notice how you regain your energy if you walk at a comfortable pace, breathe naturally as you walk, and notice what is going on around you.

Strengthens Memory

Doing aerobic exercise not only improves your memory but also helps you quickly restore data in your memory. It has been determined that people who exercise in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease are more likely to remember human names. The colloidal space in the middle of the brain scans the information stored in this section to view information. This section regulates memory communication. Effective aerobic exercise helps improve the quality and strength of these communication signals between cells. Therefore, you can quickly access a large number of details of the memory stored in the brain.

If you are one of those who wait for the beginning of the week to start sports, maybe this information will help you take action.Have a nice day.. :)

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Written by   7
2 months ago
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