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Have you heard a lot about this new CoinJoin scheme called CashFusion on Bitcoin Cash but have no idea what it is or how it works and want to try it out? Now is the time!

The alpha version has been polished enough so that it can be used by power users to get an initial feel of the tool and to test the protocol for stability and robustness. We are actively looking for more people to test.

Join the public CashFusion telegram group if you need more info or run into issues:

The current CashFusion client rocks the following features:

  • Enable/Disable CashFusion

  • Integrated TOR client

  • Monitor Status

  • Coin target setting (number of coins, size of coins, random fraction)

  • Multi queueing

  • Self Fusion (temporary for better liquidity during testing)

Road map:

  • Track fused coins to determine level of privacy

  • Smart coin chooser to avoid combining tainted and non-tainted coins as much as possible

  • Smart coin chooser to pick properly Fused coins when doing payments

  • Limiter on perpetual Fusing

Your coins are safe

When you join a CashFusion transaction, you specify the inputs you want to join with and the outputs you expect. When the transaction is built, you are asked to sign it. The client verifies that the CF transaction contains the inputs and outputs you specified. If that is not the case, your client will not sign the transaction and it will fail.

Additionally, CashFusion transactions are atomic, meaning when something goes wrong for a participant for whatever reason, the CF transaction will fail as a whole.

Getting Started

1. Download the Latest CashFusion Client

These binaries are signed by Calin, you can find his public key here (calinkey.txt):

If you don't know what all this is about, learn to verify wallet software downloads:

2. Install or Run the Portable .exe or .AppImage

3. Create a New Standard Wallet

  • File > New/Restore

  • Give the wallet a name

  • Select "Standard wallet" & click "Next"

  • Select "Create a new seed" & click "Next"

  • Make a backup of the seed (Write down on paper or store in a password manager. Do it!)

  • Verify the seed & click "Next"

  • Set an optional password & click "Next"

  • Continue

4. Enable the CashFusion Plugin

  • Tools > Optional Features

  • Select "CashFusion"

5. Enable the Built-in TOR Client

  • On the bottom right of the wallet window, click on the green or red network dot.

  • Go to the "Proxy" tab

  • Select "Start integrated TOR client"

  • Make sure "Use TOR proxy at..." is also selected

  • Click "Close"

6. Verify CashFusion settings

  • On the bottom right of the wallet window, right mouse-click on the CashFusion icon

  • Click "CashFusion Settings"

  • Make sure "SSL" is NOT selected

  • Make sure the integrated TOR client is automatically detected

  • Open the CashFusion Settings > Utility window to monitor Fusing progress

  • Make sure CashShuffle is disabled. Do NOT run CashFusion and CashShuffle simultaneously on the same wallet. They interfere with each other.

7. Add Some Coins to Your wallet

Start by adding some coins to your wallet. Once you have enough coins in there and there are enough participants online, your wallet will automatically start fusing.

Be amazed by the CashFusion transactions and spam block explorer links to the relevant transactions all over the place boasting Bitcoin Cash innovation.

Monitor Impact of CashFusion on the Bitcoin Cash Network

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for those who want to run from source, is there a branch for cashfusion on electron-cash GitHub or somewhere else?

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1 month ago

This branch is a merge of fusion and ec master which has the intgrated tor.

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1 month ago


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1 month ago

I just downloaded it and tested it. I have done all described steps and transferred about 32k sats to the wallet. For half an hour the window was empty. Now I get messages:

Status Status_ext
failed No outputs available at any tier.
failed No outputs available at any tier.
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1 month ago

Add more coins to your wallet. If it still does not work, join the telegram group as listed in the article.

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1 month ago

Can an user earn some fee, if he offers his coins for shuffle?

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1 month ago

I don't think do. You give away a fee (about 1000-1500 sats from what I saw) to do the transaction, but get anonymity in return.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Yeah, the transactions will cost your money. However, if money cant be earned from this process, only those will shuffle with cashfusion who really needs those coins to be shuffled. This causes small liquidity to be able to shuffled around. I think if there would be a possibility to earn some money with it, others, who are not interested in privacy of they coins, would also join to the shuffle algorithm to earn money, thus boosting the liquidity significantly.

$ 0.10
1 month ago

Yes, having a JoinMarket would be killer!

$ 0.00
1 month ago

You don't give away your fee. It is just the necessary miner fee. You are adding a bunch of inputs and creating a bunch of outputs, this results in rather large transactions (in size not value). For which you pay ~1sat/B.

You are just paying the minimum miner fee ;)

$ 0.00
1 month ago

No, we'd need a JoinMarket like scheme for that, as described here:

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Oh man, wow! Great!

$ 0.10
1 month ago
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