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How I found light in the darkness.

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1 year ago

Darkness, one of the things that people hate in the world. It means mystery, uncertainty and fear for some and for others it's a place where they find peace and answers.

Is it true that people are afraid of the darkness or are they afraid of the possibility that they may never see light again?

Well, my story of darkness is a bit different. How it enabled my family to connect as human beings again even for a short time as we will cherish this moment and in a way it has changed our perception of life.

Since last week, there has been heavy rainfall in my state. I was never a person who liked cold weather, not because of the weather but what follows when it happens.

I always expect something whenever there is a downpour. That is the dreaded powercut, How much I hated it before.

I remember calling the authorities multiple time, frustrated to know when they are turning the power back on.

How it disrupted my daily TV shows that i loved to watch every day.

Since last week I ended up in a realisation that maybe this temporary darkness was not a curse after all. It completely woke me up from the life I was living until now.

It's 2021 May 17 today

It is a time where our species are at the top of technological development. Whether we liked it or not the world was changing and we were merely adapting to it without knowing what we're losing in the process.

Everywhere you go, you see people busy scrolling through their phones for hours without blinking, talking, not even sharing a gaze with people near them, ignoring their loved ones.

It started to feel like we have turned into emotionless machines. We became colder over the years busy with our daily life surrounded by technology.

We make time for people online rather than with the people who are sitting near us, breathing waiting for you to notice, to simply exchange a few words but we are blind even with the light.

The digital age has become a blessing as well as a curse to us. But us humans, we only find the truth at the brink of destruction. We always find the truth too late.

I remember the time when my family was making conversations during dinner time, checking about our well-being. we shared our experiences, emotions and memories at that table.

Now everyone is busy living in their virtual world, surfing the web even at the dinner table disrespecting the food we eat.

Social media was invented to connect people across the world and now it's a tool to boost one's ego by measuring the number of likes and followers they get and as a weapon to spread hate among people.

Today a person's worth is measured by his popularity. Technology was supposed to make our life better but instead, it made people more distant than ever before. I can't remember the last time we visited our relatives in person.

Since last week our area has regular power cuts in the evening because of rainfall. Once the power was gone my mother found an old candle and lit it.

By that time our phones were dead. So we gathered around the candle like we used to gather around at the dinner table.

There, I heard it again.

My father asked, "How was your day son?"

I thought I was dreaming. His call brought back my childhood memories. We gradually started sharing everything that's been happening in our life for a while.

I saw my family laugh after a long time. It was a genuine smile I saw on their faces. Then I realised that this temporary darkness has brought my family closer than ever.

I had mixed feelings. I never thought I'll be able to get this feeling again in my life and it happened and it happened right in front of me.

I thought to myself, is this a dream?

Is my mind trying to deceive me?

No, this was real. The feeling of warmth that was long lost, I was able to find it again.

The joy of sharing your feelings and emotions with someone you love gives you true happiness. This is what connects us as human beings.

It felt like once I started sharing my problems with them, I felt a relief that my issues no longer weigh me down.

I felt like I could finally escape the prison that I created in the mind with their support. I was finally free, free from the worries that once shackled my mind.

I asked myself "Did this darkness once again reminded us of what it was meant to be a family?".

What it meant to share your pain, sorrow, joy and fear with your family so that they could hold you tight in their arms and whisper in your ears that everything is going to be okay.

At that moment, we feel protected, safe in their arms. In that moment I found peace.

I'm thankful that I got a loving family who accepted who am I, with all my flaws. After all, it only makes us human right?

The inevitable happened soon, the power was back and I saw their faces. They were sad. This means that they were feeling the same thing as did. We didn't want it to end. I will never forget this.

I always thought that light was the bringer of happiness but this time I am questioning myself. Did I find happiness in the light?

People say light shows us the way but I say darkness helped me to gain more clarity to the life I was living until now.

It helped me to obtain a new perspective of life in the most unexpected way, which reminds me of this famous quote.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West.

This article is important to me. it's personal and I hope you guys understand the message I was trying to convey. I thought I should share it so that people who are lost can find the strength to share a message to their family so that it reminds them what they are now and to understand the potential of what they can be.


I would love to see your thoughts and opinions about this story in the comment section😋.

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Written by   11
1 year ago
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Awesome article! It's nice to know that you have found an unfading light in the midst of temporary darkness. Even in the presence of electricity, may you still find true happiness within your family. Communication is the key despite of being addicted to Social Media.

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1 year ago

In every darkness there is happiness We only focus about on our phones this days and my father scold me about that And sometimes he starts to talk every meal so that we will not become boring while eating or we dont ended up using our phone while eating

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1 year ago

You are absolutely right john. People's life revolve around phone these daysand we need to become aware of that to change it.

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1 year ago

Really glad how your family got together... Its not worth living on this planet if we don't cherish the environment enough and are always engaged with our phones. Just make no phone rule for certain hours of your lifeee this way you can always get lots of time for yourself and family...Nice article

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User's avatar DM
1 year ago

Thanks a lot. your responses motivate me to write more😊. My first language is not English so I'm learning while writing and thank you for supporting me.

$ 0.00
1 year ago

thats really great you are learning and earning

$ 0.00
User's avatar DM
1 year ago