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BitcoinCash ILOILO: Carrying Satoshi's Vision and Passing them to Merchants

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1 week ago

After studying Bitcoin Cash a year ago, I realized that Satoshi Nakamoto the Bitcoin inventor has intended Bitcoin to be peer-to-peer electronic cash. Bitcoin Cash caries this vision! A lot of people would say that Bitcoin Cash is undervalued, mostly unknown to the crypto community and is yet to make major announcements about adoption. If I hadn't learned the whereabouts of BCH, I can tell I would be completely dragged away from the fact that Bitcoin Cash is the best candidate for p2p electronic cash. But facts saved me and here I am, together with some of my peers carrying Satoshi's Vision and passing them to merchants in Iloilo.

Onboarding New Merchants

Elly Jean Sari-Sari Store

Elly Jean's Sari-Sari Store was the first store to have ever accepted Bitcoin Cash in the town of Anilao, Iloilo. She is 29 years old and very young in business. She is very approachable and open which makes it a lot easier for me to introduce Bitcoin Cash to her. I would like to pay her a visit again soon.

Princess Sari-Sari Store and Snack House

We actually just onboarded her to accepting Bitcoin Cash payments. What is very interesting in Princess's life is at a very young age (19) she already owned a single store and a snack house along the road in the Public Market of Barotac Viejo, Iloilo. Being an owner of a store in the Public Market at a very young age (19) is uncommon in the Philippines. So this is a surprise to us. To be honest, she is very humble and simple. Now that she learned Bitcoin Cash, she asked us to come at her place for some time to educate her more. Of course we will do it!

More Merchants are Coming to Accept BCH

This is only a steppingstone. In the coming days, there will be more of them :)

Well, being able to do this for BCH is actually self satisfying. As a Bitcoin Cash enthusiast, I could not let this opportunity slip to onboard more merchants into accepting Bitcoin Cash. I always envision that the citizens of Iloilo are paying and using Bitcoin Cash anytime and anywhere they are in Iloilo. They don't need to worry about the banks getting bankrupted. They don't need to worry virus transmission from money and a lot more. Also, sometimes I also think, during this time will "Keep the change!" or "Where's my change?" be popular between the store owners and customers.

What do you think?



Ps. If you are a Filipino and wants to help merchants accepting Bitcoin Cash payments. Just tell me, I will do my best to help you :)

Kung ikaw ay isang Filipino at nais mong tulungan ang mga may-ari ng tindahan na tumanggap ng Bitcoin Cash payments. Sabihan niyo lamang ako, gagawin ko ang lahat ng makakaya ko para tulungan kayo :)

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Written by   151
1 week ago
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What a great work! Kudos to you.

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1 week ago

That is very impressive. I would love to do it here also but in some situation since I introduced Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Core, Ripple and other crypto currencies here on my town (Subic) to some of my relatives and friends they find it hard to understand on how to earn, withdraw and where to spent. Explaining this matters to them most of the time is what I do. Some of them gets interested much more when I react about the movement of every cryptos I had saved and withdrawn. Some of them also don't mind about what I explains on how the transactions between all cryptos and fiats exchange. But nevertheless, I'm still glad that there are few them fully understand Bitcoin Cash and other cryptos. Only two problems they always tell me, first is having no smartphone to use ; second, is their source if internet. Weew! I did not get much interested on article like this. 😅

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1 week ago

Some of them also don't mind about what I explains on how the transactions between all cryptos and fiats exchange.

It would be better if you have a pre-saved video of you converting Bitcoin Cash to Philippine Pesos using We usually use to show them that it can be converted to php

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1 week ago

Only two problems they always tell me, first is having no smartphone to use

Yes honestly this is the most common problem that we encounter. If this is the case, we said we'll try to comeback if they have already. We usually only onboard merchants who are fit like having a store tab or personal mobile phone and an internet connection.

second, is their source if internet

if there is no internet connection. You can print their QR code (but first help them install a wallet) and have it displayed in the store. So whenever a customer buys in the store, they will only need to scan the printed QR code. But this will not apply if the merchant is using BCH Register app.

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1 week ago