Teenagers and the generation gap

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The Millennial generation is the largest in history, making up about one quarter of the U.S. population.

What is happening? How do we fix this problem in our society?

The causes for this gap are a culmination of many factors but are mainly due to the increasing disparity between what a millennial wants to become and what their parents want for them. For example, millennials have developed an aversion to being told what to do or how they should be living their lives, which is not uncommon considering they are under constant pressure to succeed. This leads to conflict within households because as teenagers experience more freedom and independence, parents also want them to take on more responsibility.

In order to bridge this gap, it is important to understand why it exists and how we can help teens communicate better with their parents. We need to explore both these topics and follow some tips for improving communication with teenagers. So now the main questions are -👇

Why is there a generation gap? What are the causes of the generation gap? How can you fix this communications problem with teenagers in your life?

We've all seen the statistics. Today's teenagers are growing up in a world of technology and online interaction, while their parents are squarely planted in the old-fashioned days of pre-internet life. There is a communication gap between the two generations, one that can't be ignored.

One of those causes is that nowadays, some people cannot distinguish between reality and fiction. It is also found that when someone reaches age 55, they have been exposed to less technology than a teenager has. When it comes to social media, adults tend to be more cautious while teenagers are not always aware of the consequences.

Here are some ways we can follow to overcome this problem:

- Be more mindful when you speak to your teen

- Get them involved in family activities

- Point out their mistakes in a constructive way instead of dismissing them.

- Take more time out of your busy day routine to spend time with them.

It goes without saying that with today's advanced technology, the present generation has a much more advanced mindset, but more of them like to experiment with their lives, which do not always yield good results. As a parent, you may have gained a lot of experience along the way in your life, which the current generation will not be able to realize, but even if you are strict with them, it is not possible to convince them because they are very independent. Therefore, it is important to create a friendly relationship with our teens.

Many times parent's misunderstanding of their teenage child also creates many problems. The most prominent is how a person communicates. This communication can either be verbal or non-verbal and it will affect the outcome of the interaction. So guys what do you think about this?

Thanks for reading!

*Lead Image by Mote Oo Education from Pixabay 

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We shouldn't insist that we know everything and are always right all the time when dealing with kids. And letting them learn from their own mistakes helps them grow.

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