Time Flies April 2023

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5 months ago

Good day, guys!

Late midnight, I was just speaking with my friends before going to bed I tried alarming at 7 am and I was thinking if I would go to the gym or not. Ended up not going and just waiting til 9 am to get ready.

Got ready for work and it was easier because my roommate was awake, I didn't have to stay silent. I also got to speak with my girlfriend before leaving the flat. While waiting for the bus to go to work, it was really windy and my hair was just going everywhere. I was just playing games while listening to podcasts just to keep myself entertained. What irked me was the crackling sounds on my earbuds. I was scared that it was broken. I just had to reset and reconnect it. Got to the metro took the train and went to the next metro. I walked to the other side to ride the bus to work. I arrived at work 5 minutes before 11. I got prepared and spoke to some of my colleagues before the doctor gave me a patient. My first patient was from Germany, it was nice speaking to him and it's inspiring because he owns some businesses. Though, I got shocked that the tax there can get as high as 52%. He described the government there as a business partner who does nothing but gets half of the profit. I also learned a lot from him.

My next patient was one of my old patients, I'm glad to hear that there's progress regarding his application to go to Canada, and I hope and pray that he will be able to migrate soon.

The next patients that I handled were a couple, the first one was the wife. I asked her how's her progress with her review for her licensure exam. She told me that she already feels the pressure because her exam is going to be next month. I was just giving her some words of encouragement that she could do it. While she was saying things about this, it reminded me of the time when I had to take my licensure exams abroad. Her husband was my next patient, and he told me that he was a bit stressed out because he has a lot of work to do. He thought that his work would die down, during Ramadan but it didn't. He even has to cater to other countries internationally, so he would work past his working hours.

After that patient, I had another one and it was my first time seeing her. She really looked young for a 40+-year-old woman. She told me her secret and it's to laugh even though you are going through a lot of problems. I only had 30 minutes to treat her, because my schedule was tight during that day. The next patient was still a kid and his complaint was about his locked jaw. After the treatment, the receptionist called me to treat 2 patients for only 7 minutes each before treating my next patient.

My next patient was just chill, I treated him last Thursday, and I was wondering why was he there after only a few days. He told me that he played football landed on his back and which made his left upper back pain. I just had to explain to him that we have different mechanics when it comes to pain. What I loved talking about him was how he saves his money and invests it in different stocks. This got me interested and it's also making me want to test it out also. While waiting for my next patient, the doctor went up and gave me another patient and told me to treat him. My true patient never came so I had to treat this guy. We were just speaking about life and he was telling me about how some people would take advantage of him being new in this country. It's kinda sad to hear that there are those kinds of people who would abuse other people's kindness. I'm glad that he was able to see it through. I finished treating him, had to clean up, and spoke to some of my colleagues.

Because of our Ramadan timings, I don't get to eat lunch or snack on something, I only drink water throughout the day. I was speaking to my colleague and she was planning to go around this coming Thursday for Bisita Iglesia wherein we would go to different Churches all over the Emirates. I wanted to experience it. I rode in their car and they brought me to the metro station. From there, had to wait for a while to get a bus going home. I was really hungry because I haven't eaten the whole day. This was going to be my first meal, and I ate at around 7:30 pm. After that, spoke to my girlfriend for a while and then went home. While walking home, I saw our new housemate and she brought her friend with her inside the room. And then, I ate some yogurt and my classmates arrived from the gym. I'm really happy for them that they're consistent with it. My problem right now is laziness, I've been skipping the gym for how many days already. We were just talking with my friends and that was around 8:30ish. After all the talking I didn't notice the time and it was already midnight. So I prepared for bed. I don't know why this day was exhausting, there are also times when I felt sleepy while treating some of my patients. But I'm still thankful that I'm still alive and that I got to meet really interesting patients.

I hope that your week is going to be great!

Thanks for reading stay safe always!

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Days are coming so fast and due to a bussy schedule I also realized the second quarter of the year has started.

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