My Daily Life#44 A Lovely Day at Work

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Good Day guys!

Behind this shot, I guess you would know where I work at. And whenever we have patients who are going to stand for the first time during their hospitalization this walker is my best friend. The walker is one of the stable assistive devices next to the parallel bars. Ever since the pandemic, we don't bring down patients to the treatment center for precaution of COVID19 so instead of using the parallel bars, we bring this walker to their rooms. It's always a nice sight to look at our patient's stand for a long time, we mostly use this for our stroke patients, but we also have other patients who use this like people who are really deconditioned, a patient who fractured a leg or foot, amputees and others. The first time we make them stand is really challenging because you have to lock their knees if it's weak so it wouldn't buckle and make sure that the patient will have an upright position. We also use a strap that helps us carry the patient and we use it just in case the patient will lose his/ her balance.

Here's about what happened during my day, I woke up early to finish writing and after that, I started getting ready for work. I was rushing to work because the last time I tried to park I ran out of parking spaces. While I was driving I couldn't help but take a photo of this car because they had a cat riding with them at the back. This is the very first time I saw something like this. This is really unusual because most of the time I only see dogs inside people's cars. It was really amusing to see a cat walking around and not being frightened. I wish I could do that with our cat also.

I finally reached the University, this is the parking area that they gave the employees of the hospital. I was earlier than usual. There was a lot of parking. I'm really thankful that there was because I don't want to walk a long distance.

While I was walking to the hospital, I noticed something. Our Doctor was actually earlier than me. It's kinda strange so I asked some of my colleagues why was our doctor early. And they said that our doctor was going to be vaccinated today and the schedule was at 9 am. Our doctor endorsed all my patients to me and I started treating them at around 8:30 am. We usually start treating at 9 - 10 depending on how early the endorsements are. It was the day off of my colleague who treats me so I was alone for today. I was expecting to treat 3 patients but one of the patients refused because the watcher claimed that the patient was really tired after the treatment session yesterday. I went to patient 1 and he was in the Intensive Care Unit. I'm really lucky that our patient was a strong patient. Our doctor told me, to try to make him stand. The first thing that we usually do is to check the Vital signs, if it's normal we do backrest elevation from there we do short sitting dangling at the side of the bed and then we exert an effort to transfer the patient to the chair. When he was in the chair, I got his Vital Signs again just to make sure because we are monitoring his Blood Pressure and we don't like it to spike up. It was normal so I proceeded to make him stand using the walker. Like I said the patient was strong so I didn't have a difficult time. I was also able to monitor his Vitals signs which are usually difficult to do if you're alone. I'm glad that his Vitals were stable, we proceeded in doing weight-shifting exercises and he was also able to do march in place. His Balance was good. In my assessment, I think he could already start walking with the walker. After that, I had to treat patient 2. I really felt bad for our patient because he was been confined in the hospital for half a month already. 8 days in a different hospital and 7 days in the hospital that I work in. He was also disoriented and there are times when you don't know whats he's saying. I was able to make him short sit dangle on the bed but he got tired after 9 minutes. After treatment, I went down to our center and disinfected.

While waiting, I was bothered with the keyboard because it was really dirty. I haven't seen this plug for a very long time already.

I started removing the keycaps of the keyboard and look at all the dirt it has accumulated. I was asking our Chief about the keyboard and she said that the keyboard has been there even before she was an intern. So that thing has been there for at least 10 years. I think this was the very first time it was cleaned.

My colleague gave me this metal thing to help me pull out the keycaps.

My main items for cleaning this were a paintbrush, cotton, and mosquito forceps. The one that took really long was cleaning each keycap one by one with cotton and alcohol. There was so much smudge at the sides of the keycaps and putting it back one by one looking for the right hole to put it in. As you can see the cotton that I used was already black from all the dirt. I actually worked beyond lunchtime to finish it because our doctor might use the keyboard during the checkup.

During the afternoon, I was just resting and speaking to some of my colleagues. It's really nice to finish all our patients in the morning. After duty, we played basketball with our other colleagues. It was fun. I missed sweating. Though I hated the court because it was really slippery. We also had to use face masks while playing. It was a 2 on 2 matches and we won. We finished at around 5:40 pm.

I got home later than usual, I then practiced for a while and then ate dinner. After dinner, I was just using my computer and watching anime. I also got to talk to my girlfriend for a while before sleeping. I hope that you enjoyed reading!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .


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I love the sun when it shines so bright. :)

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The sun always sets my mood. When it's gloomy I'm really lazy haha

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