Meet the Dynamic Duo Yoda and Pierre

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Meet our pets named Yoda and Pierre

Here's the story of Yoda. We never had a cat in our house before because of our dog named Custo. He was really aggressive towards cats, especially during his youthful days. But as he grew older he didn't care anymore. In February 2020, my brother decided to adopt a kitten from one of the cats that live in our compound. He got it from this batch of cats.

When he was a kitten, he was given a box with a cloth on top of it, and he was left inside my room. There were times when he would become so noisy from all his meowing.

We were thinking of a name for him and when we put him inside the hood of my brother, we thought of naming him Yoda because we finished watching the first season of the Mandalorian. When he was a kitten we were calling him Baby Yoda.

He's a really intelligent cat, he came from the wild but when we placed a litter box near him, he knew where to do his business. I just love how he trained himself to do that.

There's actually one thing that he never outgrew and it is sucking on a blanket while kneading it. I just love staying beside him whenever he does that because of the sound of his purr. He's on a really relaxed stage.

Here's one funny story about him, when we got it we couldn't determine if he was a boy or a girl. We were even judging the way he was peeing because he looked like a girl cat that's peeing. We only found out that he was a guy after how many months when his balls were starting to become prominent.

This guy has the most painful lightsabers(Claws) and many of us already have fallen victim to it. That's why when there's time, we regularly cut his nails.

I never thought that it would be really fun to live with a cat. It's really amusing to observe him in whatever he does. He's also a disciplined cat, he never stole any food from our dining table. He just eats his food in the food bowl and sometimes he would leave some for our dog to clean up.

There are times when he would randomly jump up my desk while I'm using my computer and he would start rubbing himself on my hand and would stay at the right side of the table making me adjust my computer's peripherals.

Let me share with you his favorite hobby and it's sleeping. Most of the time I see him, he's just asleep on our couch, beds, and chairs. Sometimes he sleeps in a really curled-up position.

Best Friend

Here's Yodas' best friend and his name is Pierre. Pierre was given to us by our family friend who gave us our first dog. And it was my mom who named him. He was ahead of Yoda by a year. We really thought that they would not get along but as the days passed after introducing them to each other, they started to become friendly. Who knew that dogs and cats could get along.

They actually have a lot of cute moments together, especially during their sleeping time. I caught Pierre lying on Yoda making him a pillow. But sometimes they get too friendly, wherein when they are on heat, Pierre tries to hump Yoda and I also saw Yoda trying to hump Pierre. When this happens we usually stop them and separate them.

It's also fun to watch them whenever they chase each other, Pierre really loves playing and sometimes Yoda can be a son and would leave him.

There are even times when Yoda stays inside my room, and when I open my door his best friend would be staying outside waiting for him to go out of the room and he would bother him.

Here's a really funny photo of them. Yoda was already comfortably sleeping on the couch and here comes Pierre starting to bother him. Yoda got kinda pissed and put his hand on Pierre's head to stop him.

The funny thing about them is that they both hate their own kind. Whenever Yoda sees another cat in front of our door he gets really territorial, and if he sees you interacting with that cat there are times that he would scratch you. And for Pierre, whenever he sees another dog it would be non-stop barking.

Having a dog and cat that get along with each other is really a blessing. Being part of their journey and watching them grow up is really fulfilling. I just love watching their relationship grow. And I also love the perks that they are my stress relievers, I usually pet them when I'm stressed out and my stress goes away. I just love them so much and nothing can ever replace them.

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .


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my good night, pets are the most precious thing that can exist in the whole world,

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