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1 year ago

Good day, guys!

Before everything else, I hope and pray that there were only a few people who got affected by the typhoon in the Philippines

Here's how my day went. I slept earlier than usual because I lacked sleep the day before. I woke up still feeling really sleepy and I don't know why.

I got ready for work and I decided to take the 9:16 bus to go to the metro station. While walking there's something that I noticed which is one big problem with the parking in this community, bird poop. I was even hit twice already. While I was taking the bus, I was half asleep during the trip. I just couldn't fight my sleepiness.

Got to the metro station and I'm thankful that there was no checking so I took the train to go to the next metro station. I was a bit early so I was just listening to podcasts while waiting for the bus.

I was also sleepy on the 2nd bus but I had to fight it because I might end up reaching really far if I miss my bus stop. As soon as I got out, my glasses fogged up, it was really humid today.

Got to work, and I was just waiting for my patient. My first patient didn't show up. Then I treated the second patient, it was cool to speak with him and he was just telling me about his past relationships, kinda sucked that he got cheated on with his girlfriend for 4 years but, at least it's just a laughing matter for him now. I couldn't imagine the trauma that he felt from that. The next patient was the colleague of one of my patients, my patient referred him to me and that was a really kind gesture. Then treated one more patient. After that patient, just spoke with one of my colleagues while waiting for my lunch break. After eating lunch, I went inside our clinic and our receptionist suddenly told me that my 4 o clock patient canceled, so I got time to rest. Then my next patient came, and I felt so sleepy during that time, I don't really know why. I had another cancelation after that then I had to treat 3 more patients. My last patient was so kind that they even brought us some pandesal for the whole clinic, and I ate before leaving.

I noticed that the weekend isn't as busy as before which is good because I got to rest. Our PRO, brought my colleague home and I hitchhiked to the metro station.

From there, I was deciding if I wanted to go home or go to the mall, and I ended up taking the train going to the mall. I just wanted to see if there's something that I could buy for the following days because I usually meal prep for my lunch for the next 3 days.

I didn't see anything and I decided to eat dinner there, and I got a burger. To be honest, I didn't enjoy it too much, I thought that the patty would taste like fresh meat but it tasted like a frozen patty. I then walked to the bus stop behind the mall. Actually, last Friday me and my friend also waited at this bus stop and the bus never came so we had to take the metro. I was hoping that it wont happen to me. The bus came, but it was delayed, we were just unlucky during that time. Before getting down, the RTA was there again, so they had to check our cards. I was handing my card in front of the officer and he didn't check my card, I don't know why. But he was able to apprehend one person who didn't have one so that person got fined.

Before going home, I went to the grocery nearby to buy some chicken breasts and camel milk. Walked home then, and prepped all my stuff for tomorrow. I've been thinking that this would be my last week coming in from 10:30. My schedule next weekend would be from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm, sounds like, I'm going to die the next weekends to come.

I hope that you all had a great weekend. Have a great upcoming week ahead!

Thanks for reading stay safe always!

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1 year ago


The super typhoon was really strong, but thankfully, the effects are not that hard and severe. I believed less casualties this time.

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1 year ago

that's really true, kinda sad what's happening with this world right now. I hope that each of us would take up a role and make the environment a better place hehe. Thanks for dropping by

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11 months ago