Last Sunday of the Month of November 2022

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9 months ago

Good day, guys!

I don't know why but I can't seem to sleep early, though I know it's also my fault for finishing my day by writing. The same thing happened to me yesterday. I woke up and my friend was using the bathroom, so I was waiting for her to finish. Then I got ready for work. I'm still in denial that our mobile network provider removed the promo for data. I've been so reliant on data lately because I use it whenever I commute. Now, I have to look for a bang-for-a-buck deal, everything seems so expensive while I was researching.

I then went to take a bus and luckily I got a seat. Went to the metro station took a train to the next metro and decided to take a new bus route to go to work. This bus route was just added lately. Though the walk is longer because you have to go to the seaside. And while I was walking there, you could see how big the highway is.

I got to work on time and my patient was already there waiting. I treated him, though it seems that he still adjusting to parenthood and he was telling me how difficult it was being a parent. My next patient canceled but my 3rd patient came early so I decided to treat her. This was going to be my last treatment with her and she said that she feels good. After the treatment, she gave me a box and told me for breakfast. She gave me Hopia and I shared it with my co-workers. My next patient was a complimentary patient, he was a vlogger and was accompanied by his partner. They just started vlogging, I was curious about how they started and where they are now. I heard that their videos are being monetized already which was a really good thing.

My next patient is a really kind patient who made me realize how blessed I am right now, especially when she told me about the situation of some of the people who are working in Dubai who stay in labor camps. I really loved her positive energy and it just made the session feel really good. It's really nice to spread positivity. For my last patient, the treatment today was her last, I'm going to miss speaking with her because she was telling me about properties in Coron Palawan. I really got interested in her stories. She also told me that she brought pizza for the staff, and when I heard that, I was hoping that I would still be able to get some during my lunch break. After treating her, my next patient came, and for some reason, her aura felt a lot lighter compared to the first time I treated her. She was thankful that I was able to change her outlook on life, I also loved our deep conversations about life. I also treated my last patient before lunch, and it was his last session already. He said that he improved.

I then took my lunch and was able to eat a piece of pizza and some fries. I was expecting, a couple for my next patients, but unfortunately, they canceled. So I waited for my 5:30 patient and he came earlier. Our talk was about money, he said that he wanted to grow his passive income, which also inspired me. I got traumatized treating my last patient because, after drinking water, my cold suddenly came back. I was nonstop coughing and I had to excuse myself a bunch of times during the treatment.

After work, my colleague brought me to the community that I live in because she had to visit her sister who lives somewhere here. I then went to the grocery got myself some chicken breast and milk and went home and cooked dinner. I tried experimenting with the chicken breast and made it too salty. I was just burning my time looking at my phone instead of writing until I didn't notice the time.

I hope that you guys had a great weekend! Have a great week ahead!

Thanks for reading stay safe always!

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