Exotic Diary: A New Ant Queen and My First Tarantula

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2 years ago
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New Ant Queen

A few weeks ago, my brother was shouting that there were a lot of flying things outside our house, I went outside and I was looking at what they are, and they were ants. Most of them were drones. I got really lucky and saw this queen near the window. I immediately put it inside a test tube with some of the drones.

I stored the queen ant in one of our bathroom cabinets because it's a dark place. After a week, I noticed that it was starting to lay some eggs already. I really got excited when I saw it because it's a different kind of species which I don't know yet. I hope that the eggs will start developing soon. I just check on them once to twice a week because I don't want to stress her out during this stage. The founding stage is the most important part of an ant colony.


It's my younger brother and cousin who is into tarantulas. I wanted to try to start this hobby because I was amused by what they do, especially during feeding time. My brother asked me what kind of tarantula that I want and there was one particular trait that I wanted to get if ever I get one, it's a tarantula that has heavy webbing. My brother suggested me get this tarantula called a Chilobrachys fimbriatus which is also known as the Indian Violet or Earth Tiger. After 4 months of waiting, this tarantula finally arrived. It's a really cute tarantula, it's still a sling. If you look at the photo it's there on the lower left side.

I didn't expect it to be this small. But I'm also excited to see it grow into an adult.

Today was actually feeding day. My brother was guiding me on how to feed it. He told me to place the cockroach near the entrance which was webbed up. I placed it there and while the cockroach was struggling here comes tarantula making a cute takedown. He's a fast one.

I checked it in the evening, And as you can see, there's so much web already, you could actually see him peeking at the entrance of his burrow. Can't wait for him to get bigger.

Current Ant Colony

I noticed that my ants were changing the landscape of where they live. I also fed them a while ago and gave them 2 adult dubia males. I usually feed the males because they're abundant in my dubia colony and they usually just fight each other if they're a lot. I also noticed that the test tube is empty already, I'll be replacing their sugar water inside a test tube after a few days.

Most of the larvae are already hatching. I bet that there are hundreds of them already staying inside this formicarium. I hope that you guys had a great day!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me.


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