Ant Diaries: It's feeding time

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2 years ago

Good Day Guys

Let me share with you an update regarding my ants. Today, I found time to feed them and take photos of them eating. If you look at the photo closely that's a cockroach head. I usually feed them pre killed dubia cockroaches. I yank out the head of the dubia and place it on top of the rock. They were really curious and they were drinking the juices from it.

I actually placed 2 Dubia cockroaches because I haven't fed them in how many days. As soon as I placed them there, they started flooding the whole place. I don't know why but it seems so satisfying to watch them disable the cockroach so they'll be able to eat it.

Here's another shot of them flooding the cockroaches. I was watching it and you could see the ants were just attacking and stinging them. I'm actually raising a dubia colony for them and the other exotic pets of my brother. And I like giving them food from my bin because I know that they are clean. It's really difficult to use others especially if they are wild-caught because they can contain parasites that may kill the whole colony.

Last Saturday, I decided to give them some sugar water using a test tube and some cotton. I just placed brown sugar inside and diluted it with water.

I placed the test tube inside the formicarium. I added this because they already finished the jelly ace that I tried feeding them. It was my first time to feed them jelly ace and they finished it in 5 days.

And after a while, I saw an ant taste the sugar water on the cotton and it called the others.

Here's a shot of them, the ants were all over the sugar water, I guess they really missed the sugar. These are the times when I find it really amusing to watch them do their thing. The ants would even share the sugar water with each other. I noticed after feeding them most of the brood have eaten already. I saw it when I check their chamber where they are all stored.

I was still looking for the queen ant but unfortunately, I still couldn't spot it. Ever since I transferred them to the aquarium, she never showed up already. I'm still on the hunt of looking for her without disturbing her. I know that she's still alive because she has been laying a lot of eggs lately.

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .


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