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A Day with Some Kittens

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1 month ago

Good Day Guys

Let me share with you about my day, Here in the Philippines, we celebrated a Holiday called Araw ng Kagitingan/ Day of Valor it is also called Bataan Day or Bataan and Corregidor Day. Whenever there's a holiday it's exciting news for me because that means I have no work. So I went to my girlfriends' place. When I got to her place I was greeted by a lot of cats. The big pure orange cat gave birth to these two kittens. They were so cute. They were blocking my way when I was going down the stairs.

I finally went down the stairs and they followed. They were all hovering around the entrance of the unit of my girlfriend. Staring at me and rubbing themselves at the corner of the wall.

One of the kittens was really shy wherein it was still adapting to the environment. Though I like these kittens because whenever I try to pet them on their heads they don't hiss or get mad at me. Unlike the kittens inside our compound. We can't go near them because they get angry at us.

This kitten was already used to humans because it would go near me and rub itself on my foot. I'm really surprised that this kitten was really friendly.

One funny thing happened when my girlfriend opened the door. They were all staring at her and they were meowing. Now I know her struggles whenever she has to go up and down the stairs because she always tells me that the cats would always block her whenever she uses the stairs. They would go near you and rub themselves on your foot.

My girlfriend was explaining to me that their mama cat was disciplined and knew what she was saying. There was a time where it was blocking her constantly while going down and she said that "I'll give food to you if you let me pass through" and the cat actually did the action. I think why they love my girlfriend so much is that she feeds them and pets them. I remember my girlfriend was tempted to adopt one and bring it inside her house but it might be too noisy for her if ever she gets the online job. Though her family has a problem with the kittens because they poo and pee at the pathway of their house. I suggested that she makes them a litter box to do their business. Then again, they were so cute. I couldn't stop petting the kittens. Even when I left their house, the adult cats followed me and started rubbing themselves on me.

When I got back home, Yoda was on top of the couch looking so sleepy. I wish that Yoda was that small again. It just took him a year to grow this big. And he keeps on growing. I also wish that he was also as affectionate as the cats in my girlfriend's place. I hope that you guys had a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .


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Written by   133
1 month ago
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such a cuttieeee

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