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[Last updated: 2020-08-09 06:30 UTC]

Success requires final 7.5% by 2020-08-09 14:52 UTC.

Thanks to more than 50 generous contributors, the Flipstarter funding campaign for has reached 92.5% of its pledge goal. Given that the entire campaign has run during a time when all eyes have been on the drama developing around the upcoming scheduled BCH hard fork, this is an impressive showing!

However, with less than 9 hours left in the campaign, total pledges are about 56 BCH or 7.5% short of the campaign goal. Due to the way that Flipstarter currently works, if the pledge goal is not 100% met, the project will receive ZERO funds from this campaign (all pledged funds will remain in pledgers' wallets and unfrozen).

Time is running out, so please act quickly and make your most generous contribution.

The minimum pledge limit is now below 0.1 BCH (~30 USD).

Donations can be made at:

For the proposer's project description go to:

For those not familiar with

At the site the proposer (who happens also to be the creator of lays out a plan for producing software tools that would radically simplify development of applications within the BCH ecosystem, thereby easing the on-boarding of new developers and speeding up the time-to-market for many useful tools built on the BCH blockchain.

I believe that the successful funding and execution of the project could have a major impact on the rapid adoption of Bitcoin Cash throughout the world.

If you agree, don't allow this worthy project to be overlooked during this period of turmoil in the BCH community. Please go to the Flipstarter site (link above) and pledge your most generous contribution.


1) I have no affiliation with the project or the proposer.

2) I have made a couple of pledges to the Flipstarter campaign.

3) [Added 2020-08-08 at ~03:20 UTC] I will use the tips that I have received to boost this article further. Thanks to all who tipped!

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