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How I spent February month?

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11 months ago


February is the month of love which is different and special than other months. Today is the last day of this month and this month will be lost from our lives which we will never get back. It will be back after a whole year if I can survive but it won't be like the days of the month of this year.

Not every day of the month will be happy for everyone. Since it was a month of love, for some it was the most enjoyable month and for others most painful. Some may have spent their days happily while others may have spent their days with great difficulty. Someone may have gained something new and someone may have lost something. Some have rebuilt themselves and some have destroyed. Some was born into this world and some left this world forever. We do not understand the state of mind of anyone, but everyone has similarities with one of these. Some of these have similarities with me and I want to discuss about them.

How I spent this February month?

Since this month is different and special than other months so it will be special to me. But to me it's just like any other month. I didn't find any specialties. But for most people around the world, it's a special month and they enjoyed it. Actually this month is called the month of love and the happiest for lovers. I can say according to the situation of my country that the lovers of our country have observed this month according to many plans.

Since it is the month of love and this month of love has seven special days are called valentine's week which is only for lovers and couples. The last of these seven days is more special than the other days. Many lovers and couples are spent these seven days differently.

How I spent valentine's week?

These seven days of the month of love are collectively called the week of love. The seven names of the seven days of that valentine's week and one a day are celebrated in seven ways. We know that this Valentine's Week is only for lovers and couples. Honestly, I'm in a relationship and over four years old. This will be the first and last love "InshaAllah". I don't want to say too much about my personal life because it is better to keep these things secret especially in our country.

Now let's talk about how I celebrated this week of love. Honestly, I didn't celebrate this day of love for a moment, not even one of the seven days of valentine's week in these four years with my girlfriend. Because I am a child of a Muslim family and it should not observe these days in the law of Islam. On the other hand I don’t like these days at all because I find only money and holes in most relation. Above all, I would like to say that Every day is like a valentine's day in true love.

What's new I got and what's have lost this month?

In this month of love, everyone has gained something new or lost something. But I spent the days of this month in such a way that I didn't find anything new. I was confined to my room when my roommates were busy with their own girlfriends and planning to celebrate Valentine's week. Although I had a girlfriend, we weren't too excited about these days. My roommates have spent time with their girlfriends and gained new experiences. Moreover, many have got a lot but to be honest, they have not got anything new. Again many have lost a lot but to my knowledge I haven't lost anything this month.

But I have gained a new experience and that is about three weeks ago I joined in this platform. Before that I worked at noise cash for seven long months but I was feeling bored for some changes so I joined here. At the moment I feel good working here and it seems like a new experience to me this month.

Ending thoughs.

In this month of love, many people have spent with a lot of joy and many have had a hard time. But based on the days spent in this month, I can say that this month was as happy as any other month. But I always miss my family a lot because I leave them a little away.

We all know that our life is not easy. There must be happiness and sorrow in everyone's life. If a person spends his whole life happily, then I can say that person is mentally ill. Ever happy people never feel sad moments and eternally sad people never feel happy moments. So there should be both happiness and sorrow in everyone's life.

After all, we will miss this month a lot from today and never get back in our life. The Creator should be forgiven for all the mistakes we have made this month. God bless all of you.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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Written by   66
11 months ago
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Glad that some people actually value and celebrated this month with so much love and happiness. Keep spreading the love!

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11 months ago

Hi, i just wanted to share on how we celebrated our valentine's day. I found it relevant since we're not that typical couples that celebrates every occasions. Every day is a normal day for us. Sometimes we're out for dinner in the cheap resto, but i never demand him to bring me in some expensive restaurants cause i know the consequences right after. We're not kind of couple that we go out of town to have a vacation, we just merely at home working to earn money. Sometimes we fight, we argue, we never talk each other but at the end we knew we love each other and that's the only thing i keep and i will treasure forever. It's not how often times you celebrate nor having expensive gifts, as long as love is within our hearts together with God and that's only that matters.

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11 months ago

MashAllah brother. May your love continue like this forever. Yes, it's better to keep things private. Well! thanks to God that your month was normal. More blessings, brother.

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11 months ago

I will finish my intermediate and join the army. Then marriage InshaAllah. Hope you also had a great month.

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11 months ago

Best of luck brother.

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11 months ago