SideBar: Mind Your Own Business

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11 months ago

Thanks to @Gemstone for a video in a story
that led here.

The-One-Law is a bit off-center when it comes to positivity,
but the message remains the same:

No one has any "right" or "authority" to inflict coercion upon others who are minding their own business.

This is one of the ways society devolves into violence.

There is never "Authority" to inflict violence upon innocents.

If we could encourage the terminally interferent to sit down
and Mind Their Own Business we would have a lot less friction in our communities.

A good start would be to educate neighbors that
voting to give authority to coerce is simply violence by proxy.

[Thanks to

for lyrics]

I have more How-To material coming,
a brief interlude while we determine our next destination,
and I find a better way to compose material.

Hint: we need to find a community that wants to liberate itself from coercion and Violence.

If anyone has any suggestions please advise.
It should be a community, not just a lone voice.

We would travel there, if we can.

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11 months ago


I am more than happy to be the channel through which the inspiration reached you. 😊

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11 months ago

It is good to thanking to @Gemstone.

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