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#FreeAssange Prelude

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1 month ago

Could Julian Assange, of his own volition, avow "I shall not Harm" ?

The answer to this question may decide his freedom.

I barely know anything about Julian Assange the man.

I know briefly what he has done in the context of WikiLeaks and little else.

Whatever else he may have, or have not, done remains a mystery owned by history.

Whatever we may read, the truth is clouded by belief and disbelief of rumor.

One thing we all do know for certain:

Julian Assange is a prisoner of
collusion between government bureaucrats.

The imprisonment of Julian Assange appears to violate The One Law:

The justifications given for his imprisonment are seemingly

based solely upon publication of documents.

Within the scope of The One Law - 'No Being shall Harm another Being'

publishing any kind of document, truth or fiction,

can not in any manner ever be described as Harming another Being.

This is the basis for what history describes as Freedom of Speech.

Harm is only ever
a physical act performed by someone upon someone else without their consent.

Because Julian Assange is imprisoned by collusion
he cannot be freed by any person within the governments involved.

He is trapped in much the same manner as a butterfly snared in a spiderweb.

Even if it chose to do so a spider would find it impossible to free the butterfly.

There is no person nor group who can free Julian Assange, now or ever.

No politician has the power to defy government bureaucrats and survive.

No one outside government can resolve this situation peacefully.

There does, however, exist a peaceful method to free Julian Assange.

This method depends upon whether
Julian Assange has the volition to abstain from Harm.

Is Julian Assange innately peaceful ?

I hope so.

Whether he is committed to non-violence we cannot ask or know.

But there is a way we can enable his demeanor to determine his freedom,
as he merits.

This is a little bit more than a mere contest.

The outcomes of this event are determined by your talent
and depend upon the demeanor of Julian Assange.

The rewards may be more than what is promised.

Perhaps we can help free Julian Assange, as he merits.

Let us go find out.

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1 month ago
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I have a business idea I need a partner for. Don't need money for the idea. It's music and artwork videos on youtube but we each have our own channels.... You are the first person I thought of.

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1 month ago

let me get my schedule worked out here and I will contact you in awhile to run it over. I have a secure chat channel worked up for such things.

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1 month ago

Beautifully written. However One can cause harm by simply sharing a document. The biggest reason for having classified information is to keep hostile countries from having info that could enable them to harm us.

But.... a lot of classified stuff is unnecessary. I don't know of any information he shared that would make the country vulnerable to hostile people. And there seems to be just hearsay with no evidence for rape either.

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1 month ago

I hope this works out okay.
We shall definitely have fun doing this.

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1 month ago

Brilliant article

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User's avatar Win
1 month ago

Look at Assange, thats how a real REFUGEE looks like!

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1 month ago

Only person I can think of (besides Snowden)
who has crosshairs permanently etched on the forehead

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1 month ago

Thats great..

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1 month ago

Did you had a research in this?

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1 month ago

"Did you had a research in this?"
Please define "this".😉
If you mean Julian Assange, I have read a bit, but I do not trust all that I read.
His WikiLeaks I have visited occasionally over the years seeking clarifications.
I followed his asylum bid and arrest, but not research.
The truth of his story is almost too buried to know with any certainty without interviews.

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1 month ago

You already clarifies everything 😂

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1 month ago