Niche selection or election satkahana

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Niche selection or election satkahana

Believe me, choosing a niche is not rocket science. So it is better not to think too much about choosing a niche.

Although the writing will be a bit long, I have tried to give some idea about the way the niche is working globally. In addition to my own practical experience, I have also taken the ideas of those who are in a very good position in this sector. Let's start without further ado.


The online world is a densely populated sector where even 10 years ago an affiliate marketer used to talk on the same site about dog food, baby diapers, kitchen furniture, bicycles etc. But now if a new marketer does the same thing in 2020, he will have to pay a lot of fees. Let me open the matter. Although there are still some sites that are still doing this work and are called "Authority or Multi Niche Sites" Honors. But if you look a little deeper, you will see that those who do these things have their own team setup, financial well-being and two people who have passed in different skills. And if you are a single or small scale individual or team member, you have to walk into this world with a little calculation for them. And I think the number of such single people is more.

The first step in becoming a successful affiliate marketer in 2020 or so is choosing the right niche / topic and moving forward. Whoever is working with a niche, the more successful a successful marketer is, the more specific he can be about the niche of his choice without focusing on it.

Now come on, what is the niche thing?

Before we go into the details below, let's first try to understand what niche actually means.

In a word, it is very difficult to interpret nish. Because the meaning of this word expresses different meanings in different cases. As we are now trying to understand niche as an affiliate marketer, what stands out is “niche is a specific industry or topic within a larger category or industry that can be talked about extensively. The matter seems a little complicated, doesn't it? So looking at the example below, I hope it doesn't seem complicated anymore.

Industry: Pet

Niche: Dog Care

Sub niche: Dog Care > Dog Training

Sub-Sub-niche: Dog Care > Dog Training > Pit-bull Training

Broad Category / Industry: Pets (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)

Short niche / topic: dog care (specific niche)

Small to small sub-niche : dog care Dog training

Sub-sub-nish: Dog care Dog training  Pit ball training

Thus each niche has sub niche and within it there is sub-niche. You can easily get inside every niche when you are fully skilled. And the more you get inside, the more you will succeed and make your place in the market.

I think the matter will be clear if I say a little more about the niche in the front.

Many of us may think that weight loss is a nightmare. Is that really the case? No answer. This is the niche of a multi-million dollar market. Which again contains many sub niches. For example, we can say that weight loss after pregnancy (post-pregnancy weight loss) or weight loss for heart patients (weight loss for heart patients). Do you understand me now? This weight loss niche can be talked about from different angles and each angle can be a sub-niche. But don't go for less that your full potential. As many people do - for long-term mothers after the operation in Dhaka City publishes a long content on the site titled Weight Loss After Pregnancy (post-pregnancy weight loss for first-time mothers in Dhaka City after a cesarean). As a result do not get such a good response. That's why you You need to plan for the long term. You start with a small niche but with that niche in mind in the future you can make your site bigger if you want.

How many types of niches?

We can mainly divide each niche into two parts.

1) Single niche or single niche. This means talking about any one topic on the whole site. E.g .:

2) Multi niche or authority niche. Where talking about more than one topic on the same site. E.g.,

Niche Selection Method / Process:

To put it bluntly, we use two methods for niche selection. The first is the free method. Using this method we can find out a profitable niche using various free tools. However, this is usually a matter of time.

The second is the paid method. This method can be used to extract a profitable niche in a very short time using various paid tools. Those who have money and less time can use it.

Prerequisites for picking a profitable niche:

No matter which method of niche selection we do, it is very important that we keep in mind the following points before choosing a profitable niche. Such as:

The first thing I want to work on is the 'Google Trend'. This means the amount of search for the product in the last 1 to 5 years. Besides, we have to see whether the product of choice is seasonal or not. This means that sales are good at certain times of the year but at other times sales are down or not at all. It is better not to work with such products in the beginning. However, in the case of the authority site is different.

Secondly, how many competitors are there in the market of your choice? This means that the position of those with whom I will compete is very strong. It is very important to take a niche knowing this. Otherwise you have to pay a lot of fees later.

Third, it is important to have a minimum price for the product you want to work with. It can be as low as উপরে 50 and starts at 100. On the other hand, the commission should be more than 4% of what we want to work with (in the case of Amazon). Another issue is that the product should have at least 100 reviews. Then hopefully it will be possible to generate good revenue by working on it later.

Fourthly after picking all of the above I have to have a good idea about at least 10 of my competitor sites. Because after knowing everything about them, I can publish the best quality content in my site, site structure, SEO terms, everything so that I can be one step ahead of them. Then I can move my site to a better position.

Fifth, it is important to have your own interest in the niche or product you want to work with. Although none of us are already proficient in every subject. Still, have a place to feel good about yourself. Because one has to work for a minimum of 4-6 months with one niche. As a result, in the middle of the work so as not to feel boring.

Last word on niche selection:

Before choosing a final niche, you must have a basic idea of ​​the above. As well as asking yourself the following few questions, if you get a satisfactory answer, then your niche will be a best niche or profitable niche.

 How much time of year does my audience search for the niche I choose and (search volume, seasonal / evergreen)?

 Why would he spend money on this nightmare of mine?

 Does my nightmare mean a big problem for the audience?

 Is there a solution to my audience's problem in my nightmare and can it give a better solution than others?

If the answer to all of the above questions is 'yes', then that niche is one of the best niches or profitable niches.

Some Profitable Niches as Amazon Affiliates (2020/2021)

 Hobby Nish: Photography (Camera), Travel, Spurs

 Health and Fitness: Weight Loss, Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition

 Home & Family Nish: Home Improvement, Home Security, Copy, Baby Products, Dog, Gardening

 Tech Nish: Laptops, Headphones, Gadgets for Home, Monitors

 Outdoor: Power Tools, Gardening Tools, Paul So, Tillers

Thank you very much for reading this post carefully. If a part of my writing is useful to you, then writing will be successful. And once I get the answer, I want to write about the following topics in a series.

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The online world is a densely populated sector where even 10 years ago an affiliate marketer used to talk on the same site about dog food, baby diapers, kitchen furniture, bicycles etc. But now if a new marketer does the same thing in 2020, he will have to pay a lot of fees. Let me open the matter

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yeah,, baby diapers, kitchen furniture, bicycles etc. But now if a new marketer does the same thing in 2020, he will have to pay a lot of fees. Let me open the matter.thanks for reading my article.i hope view my other article & keep supporting me always

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