One View But Not The Same

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I graduated from college in 2017, as a person who has a license from college, I have a chance to get a decent job for me to build a better life because I have a strong enough foundation to achieve a bright future that's the thought that makes me happy when I graduated from college and got a bachelor's degree. My parents always fully supported me when I was in college because for them when they saw their child would be successful it would cure the struggle of those who had struggled day and night to work in the fields just to think of me who was struggling in the world of education because of the results of farm work in the fields will be used as my tuition fee.

There is one message that my mother told me when I was going to go to college, she said you don't think about the suffering of your parents in the fields because it is our right to fight to see you succeed because your success is happiness for us, those are words that will never stop. I have forgotten all my life. Sometimes when I remember this message it makes me cry because until now I have not given them happiness, I become a guilty person because the suffering they have felt I have not healed.

From 2017 when I graduated in June that's when I started planning to enter and work in the government area of ​​our country because I thought that when I worked in the government sector, my chances of becoming a civil servant (PNS) would be wide open.

I want to become a civil servant because I think this is a very good job. My age, which has not yet reached the maximum limit, is a motivating factor for me to wear a service uniform because the age limit to become a civil servant in my country is 35 years.

Being a civil servant is the pride of all people in my country, especially those who have high school diplomas, bachelor's, doctorates and professors. Each degree has a level to get a salary according to the capacity and background of the degree or terms that are often known are groups a, b, c, d and so on.

There are several advantages when someone becomes a civil servant, namely:

  • Get basic salary every month

  • Get old age goals (retirement)

  • Receive allowances for children or families when sick or dies

  • There is no need to be afraid of being laid off because being a civil servant has a legal entity, maybe if you violate the law, your civil servant license will be revoked.

  • No need to worry about market prices going up or down, inflation, natural disasters etc. because your monthly needs or salary will continue to be entered in your bank balance.

Those are some of the advantages when someone gets a job as a civil servant (PNS), maybe there are other benefits but that's all I get when I talk to my brother who has become a civil servant.

Everyone Is Not Equal

I am a person who is very sad with my current life because my dream to become a civil servant has not been achieved even though the opportunity is still open because I am still able to take part in this government program.

Since I graduated, there has actually been a government program to open up opportunities for citizens to become civil servants by following the regulations issued by the organizing committee. This event is opened every year by the government in order to fulfill the better performance of the bureaucracy to advance the government system and the country's economy.

The main thing that must be followed when someone registers as a candidate for civil servant is to take the exam using a computer system, meaning that the questions issued by the organizing committee based on the online system no longer use manual tools such as pencils and paper, this regulation is carried out so that there is no cheating from the regional committee because all data goes directly to the central committee, so the system is centralized, there is no manipulation from the local government and committee.

I have participated in this event three times and the results always make me go home with my head down. I was very sad when the years of waiting were not mine, I had studied day and night, looking for sources to solve the questions that would be issued by the committee but all of that was in vain when I saw the score on the computer screen that did not reach the maximum limit.

When I came down from the building where the selection exam was held, many of my friends looked sad and unmotivated like someone who had lost half their lives and some even cried when the actual results they received did not reach their hopes and expectations. We deserve to be sad because one year's preparation is only wiped out by two hours and also many of my friends who have participated in events like this several times even they have been longer than me but the failure is still on our side.

This is the event for the third time I'm participating and I may realize that maybe God didn't want me to become a civil servant. I came down from the stairs of the building while looking to the right and to the left, I saw there were parents who cried when they saw their children did not pass the selection exam, from the bottom of my heart I remember my parents with their difficulties all this time, they have fought for me so that I can succeed in education but I have not returned their kindness. what happens if they come with me when I take the exam? maybe they will be like this mother I have seen, that was my thought at that time.

When I arrived downstairs I left the room and I sat under a tree while I contemplated and watched what was happening. I kept thinking, what should I tell my parents when I have to fail this time because this is my third time participating? maybe they will be angry with me but i have to be honest with them, whatever will happen i will accept all the consequences.

When I came home and got home I told them about everything that had happened to them, actually I was afraid and didn't want to see them sad but it turned out that my mind was wrong when my mother saw me with a smiling face, I was surprised to see my mother when I told the truth, she didn't angry and just smiled at me. When he saw my head bowed sadly he said to me you have struggled with great effort but you must remember God created you in this world with a purpose that may be different from others and there is something God has prepared for you, don't stop trying because one day you will accept it.

Hearing these words made me touched to see the wisdom of a mother whose education was far below mine. Ever since the words that came out of my mother, I kept contemplating and thinking. When I remember what my teacher said since I was in high school, he once said that a person cannot live without the help of others because of differences in life background or social status, for example a state official cannot live without a farmer, meaning the farmer grows everything. types of plants and when the plants are harvested they will become the food of an official, that was a small example he had taught us.

The words of my mother and teacher made me think that their statement made sense, so a question arose from me which might be the answer to my failure, what would happen if in my country all were civil servants? Who will work in agriculture? or all of them are farmers and no one governs the state.

I started to smile when I got this answer, so I no longer thought of becoming a civil servant because like my mother said that maybe God prepared another job for me because not everyone will work in the same field.

I kept trying to find other job opportunities and I never stopped, finally in 2021 I received an offer to work in a state institution but non-PNS means not to become a civil servant but I am grateful that I have worked, even though currently my income is not too big but it made my parents smile because my efforts have been getting good results.

Maybe many people have struggled to get something that is their life goal but so far it has not been achieved even though they have sacrificed their peace, mind, material and other efforts. We have to remember that the world is so big there may be other places where we will be successful and successful.

Don't just stand in one place try to move maybe gold and gems are on the new footstool. Keep trying and fighting because success doesn't always have to be the same as other people because maybe we are different.

Thank you!

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Your Mom is a true superhero.. you deserve her and she was there for you

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1 year ago

Thank you friend, I really respect it.

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1 year ago

You really have a great and Very supportive mom my dear, your mom truly loved you as she never gets disappointed with you, she remains your strength in the amidst of hopeless. However maybe God has a better plan for you and maybe you weren't made to be a civil servants and so it was good that you have opened your self to a new opportunity.

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1 year ago

I am grateful to have found a job even though I am not a civil servant.

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1 year ago

It's always a struggle between getting what you want and what really is meant for you. Your parents are such great comfort and they are wise. It's good that you have their support and they are very understanding. I hope all parents are like that and not pressure their kids. Trust in God's plan. All the best!

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1 year ago

God's will is the final answer to a struggle and the role of parents is very important.

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1 year ago

Wow 😯... I love your success story. Your mum's words are also motivating 🤗. God bless our mothers.

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1 year ago

thank you friends, support and prayers for my mom mean a lot, God bless you too.

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1 year ago