Social Gathering? Yay! or Nay?

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Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying good health. I am getting ignored by rusty in some of my pervious article, maybe because my content was not worth it, so I can't get the attention of the robot. Therefore, here I am challenging myself to create an interesting article that you can relate to.

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This article is all about Social Gathering, if it is Yay or if you are favored in this and Nay if you're not. It just like a small survey to know your stand about that topic, and for me to do it, I will share the most likely to say or do when attending or turning down social event you don't want to attend. Let me know your answer in the end of this article, you can give your thoughts in the comment box below.

So first, here are the following topics or highlights of this article;

  • What is Social Gathering?

  • Most likely to say or do when attending or turning down social event you don't want to attend

  • Give an honest explanation

  • Tell a white lie

  • Runaway

  • I always attend any social event I'm invited to

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What is Social Gathering?

According to Oxford Dictionary, it is a meeting of people for a particluar purpose. Also, it can be any type of events such as holiday parties, family reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. that creates a unique celebration and might gathered a group of people together.

Most likely to say or do when attending or turning down social event you don't want to attend

We have different perception about social gathering, some will see it as an exciting an fun event to attend while others find it boring, might cause them anxiety, or became shy because each and everyone of us possess different personality and characteristics.

Do ever felt shy and nervous whenever you attended a social gathering or you really enjoy it as you will be able to hang out with others?

Give an honest explanation

As honesty is best policy, we must give our honest opion about any matters. If you wanted to attend then go tell them, and if you don't want then them also tell your honest reasons. Some might be busy at their work or school so they would not be to attend a gathering when someone invited them. It is okay to say no specially this time of pandemic but just tell them nicely and politely. But, when a person who are close to you asks you to hang out with them it's not an easy yes hence it's also not an easy no.

Always be honest to other people not only in attending a gathering but to any situation in your life. Be honest because you want to be, not because you have to be.

Tell a white lie

Everyone lies almost everyday and in any reasons such as; to make their other happy, to not hurt others, to hide their mistake and others. But, lying is not a things to be proud of isn't admirable to do.

Interms of attending in a gathering, people tell a while lie because they might be worry to hurt the feelings of those who invited them or making up an excuses to not go. Often, they wanted to attend but sometimes things will not go according to their plan as we don't have control in the things that might happen.

As for me, I do lie when I was invited in gathering specially a family reunion, because I avoid and don't want an akward situation. I am not close to my relatives because I don't really like their personality as they always talk behind my family's back or other people. So, I always said to them in an respectful manner that I am busy at school and I don't have time to attend. I also feel self-conscious and uncomfortable being noticed or judge by them.


I know it can be tough when someone's invited you in a gathering but you don't really want to go. But, running way or hiding is a bit rude for me, rejecting their offer might hurt their feelings what more if you hide with them or gave them a false hope. You should talk to them properly or in person and choose your excuse carefully.

I always attend any social event I'm invited to

Social gatherings can bring people together, and it is a great way also for others to practice their social skills. I envy those who always attending when they invited to, I think they really enjoy it though.

That's all! I hope you enjoy reading this article!

Let me know your thoughts about Social Gathering, is it a Yay! or Nay! for you? Just comment dow below!


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I'll go to some but not all. I keep pretty busy so I don't get beat up if I reject an offer. I agree hiding or running away is not the right approach, kinda childish. I'm not going to lie but I have lied to get out of one, lol. The last time was someone I really don't get along with. I almost guarantee if I accepted I would have been by myself with this person. How awkward would that have been? Haha

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1 year ago

As for me, it makes me feel anxious and and shy though hahaha.

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