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5 months ago

"Be yourself l, but always your better self" -Karl G. Maeser

I don't know where to start, but let me just leave this wonderful quotation first. This will remind us that if we became the better version of ourselves, we might live an extraordinary life.


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Hello read. cash! Let me introduce myself as I didn't get a chance to do it properly on my old account. Allow me to share some of my personal information with you. This opportunity will help us to get to know each other as we share one platform. I know we came from different countries, we have different cultures, tradition, and beliefs. Therefore, let us respect each other and I hope we can all be friends.

I will start with my username, "re-joyce" comes from the word "rejoice" which means to feel or show a great joy or delight. My real name is "joyce" and it rhymes well with "rejoice", they have the same final sound and it feels good to hear. Re-joyce because it will reminds me to be greatful in anything I have and be joyful when things in life get rough.

Let me share to you the my likes and dislikes:

Things I like...

  • Dogs

    We have 4 dogs at home and they are my happy pills because they makes me feel better whenever I'm tired at school.

  • Food

    Who doesn't like food, all of us want and needed it. I love salty, sour, and spicy dishes, I'm not into sweets but with a few exceptions haha.

  • Arts

    I am interested in anything that related to arts like painting (i always used water colors to paint), drawing (i just sketches random things), and writing (but I'm not a good writer). I am not inclined in all of those but I always practice to improve it, as they say "practice makes perfect".

Things I dislike...

  • Shouting

    It really annoyed me whenever people shouting to each other. My neighbor always shout as if they are far away to each other, can't they talk calmly and  normally. Their hearing is fine but they always like that.

  • Liars

    I don't like liars, because even if you say the truth they still deny it and act that you're the who's lying. It is hard to believe the things they will say when they lied to us many times.

For you to get know me more, here are the random questions that I will answer!

What talent would you want to possess if you could?

Dancing and singing, I guess? haha I envy those people who have that kind of talent, because they are really good in performing and they have self confidence to show it to others. My father always ask me what my talent I have, but I didn't know also haha. There's nothing special about me, I'm just am ordinary person who loves eatings haha.

What’s your favorite movie?

As of now, my favorite movie is 2037, it is korean movie that all about the life a young prisoner who was involved in the strategy. It is very heart warming and sad, that it will bursts you into tears. It is the same vibes with Miracle in cell no. 7, they also have cellmates that became her friends.

What Toxic Filipino Family culture do you hate the most?

I think, the thing I hate the most is the "utang na loob" or can be translated as, giving is a virtue. It is hard to be indebted to others because you don't know how long you needed to pay for it. That kind of toxic mindset of Filipino should not be normalize, and resist them in order to break the cycle. If you conveys a good will then you should be happy that you were able to help other, don't ask anything in return, and you receive then appreciate it and be glad that someone helps you. But, I know we have different opinion about this matter, so let me know your thoughts about it. Feel free to comment below.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen recently on the social media?

I think, the "virtual school" which is International State College Philippines is the funniest thing I seen recently. It has lot funny memes about school stuffs, and they put lot of efforts in things they posted. They posted have different courses that really makes me laugh haha. You can check their page on facebook!🤣

What were the highlights of your childhood?

I think, the highlight of my childhood was when I played with neighbors, because nowadays childrens are always at their home with their gadgets and didn't get the chance to make a friend outside house.

Where did you last travel to?

The last I traveled was we my family and I went to Baguio, City. I think, it was June but I forgot the exact date. It is peaceful and beautiful there, there's a lot of pine trees and flowers that makes it unique. I know, it was not that far but we really enjoy that day. We also visited my mother's sister there, because they have not been seen each other for how many years. It is like their mini reunion haha.

Thanks for reading!

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: Tuesday
: August 9, 2022
: Re-joyce

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Written by   39
5 months ago
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Thank you for sharing some facts about you dear, welcome again and have fun! :)

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5 months ago

Thank you teacher Lyn, hope you still there in this journey of mine... :)

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5 months ago

Hello there! Welcome to the family. Hmm.. I am looking forward to get to know you more.

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5 months ago

Yes! thank you renren! I hope I can make new friends here :)

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5 months ago

You are very welcome my new friend..

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5 months ago

Yay! nice to meet you here! :)

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5 months ago

Its a pleasure of mine my friend .. :)

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5 months ago