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In my previous article I talked about Human Resource planning wherein it is a continuous process to achieve success. The people who do to attain are the human resource practitioner. The are the one who somewhat solves the issues in an organization by  providing guidance and advice to the management.

In this article I would like to share with you how I put myself in their shoes by answering the question that being asked.

If you were a human resource practitioner, how are you going to address the problems/barriers faced in human resource planning. What actions or plans would you recommend to overcome these problems?

The role of an HR practitioner is important, because they are the one who guide and lead the employees to strive harder to reach the organization's goal. Human resources or the process of deploying people within and out of the organization are effectively possible if barriers and problems are overcome. There are many barriers and problems that arise in human resource planning such as; Inaccuracy, Time and Expenses, Lack of Purpose, Employers Resistance, Employees Resistance, Numbers’ game, Lack of support, Uncertainties etc. If I become an HR practitioner, I will make sure to create professional training for new employees for them to develop or enhance their skills and help the current employees to grow so that they will effectively deploy to different departments where they are needed. By doing so, I think it can be one of the
organization's advantages, that we focus our attention on enhancing employee's
knowledge and skills because competent enough they will be able to overcome the
barriers and problems.

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Yes cross training employees so they can be flexible to work in various departments when needed can be an advantage for an organization. However the employee needs to buy in. Maybe a small raise for each additional skill obtained.

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1 year ago

Yeah they might increase their employees' salary for them to be motivated...

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1 year ago