Going out without mobile phone?

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We are in the middle of the week and another week will end without rusty not viewing my article article again. It's been a week since Rusty visited my article, but still I always write a good content and trying to be consistent in engaging with people here. But, I hope Rusty will visit me after reading this article because I have a question for him, if he is also using a mobile phone? lol🤣

But, I also want to asked that question with you guys, but I know most of you are using mobile phone in here, or not? haha. So, this is what I will just ask you all, can you go out without your mobile phone?

I can say it depends, right? We can go out with and without it.

It seems difficult for us to start our day without our mobile phone because we use it as an alarm clock or reminders. It has become a necessity in our everyday life. We can't go out with it and because with many reasons such as; we need it at work, it is for emergency, and for studying.


I think, most of the employee  need it for work related tasks such as answering emails, performing business research, keep calendars, also when your colleagues are not in the office and they need come for a meeting. It might help the employees to enhance productivity but excessive usage of it can cause distractions at work. Therefore, they should put aways their phone to them and just make sure that they will answer critical calls. My aunt always bring her mobile phone to her in school, because she needs it to be inform whenever there's an important school announcement.


As a student, I always use my phone to communicate to my classmates, do activities, attend class and more. Even though I didn't attend in person yet, during the pandemic, I do use it to capture our assignments, lessons, and sample formula etc. For young person like me, it can play an important role in supporting our learnings. We can still learn with this kind of device and whenever we go to school, it help us effectively to participate in the workforce.


Lastly, this is the important usage of mobile phones whenever we are outside. It is the best tool we have for a quick respons to an emergency. We can dial an emegency hotline, contact someone for for help when we face an unexpected situation.

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Napaka important talaga ng phone Joyce kaya ako di pwedeng umalis na wala akong phone. I felt parang kulang pag wala akong dala na phone.

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Truth sis kailangan talaga natin siya hehe

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