Finally! Sales Pitch Presentation Done!

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Happy Monday Read Dot Cash Community!

In this article, I would like to share with all of you what happened in our Sales Pitch Presentation. This activity was conducted by our professor was started last week, my turn was today. A few of my classmates was exempted because they got a perfect score in our midterm examination a week ago. I got a little bit disappointed in myself as I only missed one point to be exempted.

A sales pitch is a sales presentation wherein a salesperson explains what their business and products are all about in just less than one or two minutes.

The product I sell was a smartphone. I write my script after he said that we will be having this kind of activity. I also prepared and memorized my script last weekend so it will be fresh in my mind. Also, I borrowed a coat from my aunt that was fitted my well.

Anyways, here what happened to my Sales Pitch Presentation

Our class will start at 2:30 pm so we just go to my friend's dorm and rest. Then we ate our lunch around 11:30 pm and sleep as it was raining really hard earlier.

At 1 pm we started to prepare ourselves and practiced a little so we didn't forget what we will say.

We went to our class room at 2 pm and waited for our professor. After a few minutes our prof came and asked the presenters to create a list of our names.

When our professor called my name, I felt relieved and nervous. When, I stand in front, I waited for my professors que and then I started when he said so.

Here I am presenting and don't know if what I'm saying was right or wrong. I just go with the flow as I already want to end it.

While presenting, I got distracted with my professor, he wasn't paying attention because he was just chit chatting with our other classmates. He also not seems interested on what I was saying.

Also, he was laughing about my looks and what I was wearing. I don't know why, he said that we should wear a proper attire and much better if corporate attire, and I just only did.

After my presentation, he jokingly asked if the length of pants was really not the same. I was just ride on his joke and laugh but deep inside I was so embarrassed.

I also got annoyed a little because he can just tell me to fix my pants instead of laughing in front of me and saying those things.

I didn't say the two remaining to paragraphs because of my annoyance, I already stopped saying my lines in script and just finished it quickly.

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I hope you enjoy reading this and stay tuned on my next article!

Let me know your about this, just comment down below!

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: November 21, 2022
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Sorry you had to endure that. The talking to others and laughing is not acceptable for a professor. If there was feed back it should have been between you and him. This is a business class and in no shape or form how one should conduct business in the the real world. As a professor he needs lead by example. As a boss is it acceptable to put down you employees, laugh at them, or ignore them? Most certainly NOT!!

Keep your head high and don't let this distract you from your goals. Take care Joyce.

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1 year ago

He was not only did it to me, he also didn't listened to the presentation of my others classmates though🥴

Thanks and Take care too!

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1 year ago

What a jerk. Don't let him get to you. Just keep working hard Joyce 💪💪

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1 year ago

I'm glad it was done already sis. Pag ako nasa front at magsasalita kinakabahan talaga ako. Grabe naman siya sis dapat sinabihan ka niya about sa pants.

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1 year ago

ako din din kinakabahan kaya kailngan ng ganitong activity din para mahasa hahaha.

Oo sis, di man niya sinabi agad ng magandang way at di yung parang ang rude na tumatawa pa siya. Kaya sa inis ko tinapos ko kaagad presentation ko.🥴

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1 year ago

Oo sis para ma overcome sis. Mas maganda na sanayin yung self natin.

Totoo sis. Grabe naman yung parang napaka unprofessional ng ginawa niya.

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1 year ago