Classic Computer Games I Played Before!

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It's another throwback Thursday!

In this article, I would like to shared with all of you the childhood games I played before. I know some of you will relate into this as some of this games can be played without an internet connection before haha. Also, if likes to play video and mobile games!

Let's get started!

We don't have our computer before, we only used the computer of our aunt. Sometimes, me, my siblings, and cousins fight because we only have our own schedule on using the computer but some of us didn't follow it haha.

As I can remember, my aunt's computer before looks like this one. It was an old model and most of the time it didn't function well haha. Yeah! I got a chance to use this kind of gadgets and I feel so old too haha.

So anyways, here are some the games I played before;

1. Feeding Frenzy 2

According to Wikipedia,  this game was published by Pop Cap on February 2006. I was 6 years old that time, and I played it when I was already playing it.

It is an arcade style video game involving the marine food chain. The game will start to a small fish who will eat smaller fish then it became huge and grow larger. You will get bigger the more you eat.

I also played the first version of this, the one that was released during 2004. But, both of these version was good and easy play.

2. Dinner Dash 5 Boom

This one was released during the year 2020. It was the 5th installment of Dinner Dash. It combines elements from Diner Dash, DinerTown sim and Hotel Dash with a premium "pay to win" twist, whilst the story follows after Cooking Dash 2006, the game's story is generic and irrelevant to the original series.

It is a restaurant game wherein you will serve your customers and cooking for them. You can also customized your diner the way what you want it to looks like.

This game really annoying for me because there are a lot of customers you will served and you need to memorized their orders. But, I enjoyed it as it somewhat helps my memorization skills haha.

3. Pizza Frenzy

This one was chill to play because you only makes pizza designed and sell it. Also, you are in charged in your own pizza delivery. You will make deliveries in every town.

4. Hamster Ball

This was all about speed, dynamic movement, and rolling. It was very fast to play and you need to control a hamster with your mouse cursor. The player takes control of a hamster in its favourite toy a large and seemingly uncontrollable ball.

Also, you need to avoid obstacles in every quests to finished and reached the end. If you are impatient and hot headed, this game was not recommended for you haha. Just play other games like puzzle or anything haha.

5. Insaniquarium

I don't where it names came from, maybe from the words, insane and aquarium? Because this games was really insane and the craziest aquarium ever haha.

You need feed your fishes, keep them happy and they'll reward you with coins and jewels. Buy tank upgrades or egg parts which hatch different in-tank pets. These pets can help you feed your fish, collect coins.

There are also aliens who will invade your tank and kills your fishes. The mother fish gave birth and lay eggs when you feed her.

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I hope you enjoy reading this and stay tuned on my next article!✨

: Thursday
: December 22, 2022
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Never heard of any of them but a few are food related which confirms your a Pinay 😂 🤣😂 I'd play feeding frenzy just because of my love of fishing 🎣

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1 year ago

certifiedpinay lol🤣

I think, all these computer games was originated from other country and we only got adopted it to them hahaha

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1 year ago