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This idea came to my mind while browsing to my Instagram account. Wherein, I saw different stories that you can add interactive stickers. It is available to use in stories that creates a public thread.

created this using Canva

What is ""Add yours"?
It is common in Instagram wherein you can ask others to respond to a prompt and add your own story to take part in the chain.

Get to know me more as I will share you my  entry on this "Add yours" stuff.

Pic of your pet...

This is my dog Maki, he is a short fur baby but the sweetest one. He likes to play and roll around the grass in our backyard. We got him to my mother's friend, so I don't know exactly his age.

Your eyes looks like...

I took this picture picture during sunset and it was golden hour so the color of my eyes looks like that. Thanks to the sunset haha.

Show me your home screen...

This is my home screen looks like, I don't want the apps to be in different places so I arranged it according to their uses. For example, I combined all the google app together and those I rarely use are also in one place. I want it to be organized so that I can find the apps easily when I need it.

Last photo in your camera roll...

This is also my dog that sleeps well haha. He looks like a baby that was drooling. I think, he just tired of running and playing so that he sleep like that haha.

Your 5th emoji is your mood right now...

This was my 5th emoji, I think it is because of the photo of my dog haha. I send it to our family's group chat because he looks really funny.

Show me: You in Black...

It was taken during my summer vacation a month ago, wherein we have a family outing in the beach. The view was really beautiful, it has a white sand, you can hear the sound of crashing waves, and heat coming from the sun were the best thing in there. Even though we were only been there for 2 days, I really enjoyed it and I was able to relaxed myself.

Something random in your gallery...

I haven't deleted this photo because the goat was really funny, he seems to be smiling haha. My sister and I tried to feed him some grass but then he turned around and I was scared because he smiled and look at his eyes though haha.

Show me your waterfall photo...

This was the only photo of waterfall that I have in my cellphone. It was a mini water fall near in my mother's province, and it is really beautiful and the water is very cold. We went there early in the morning and the entrance fee was only 20 pesos or about $0.36. You can really enjoy the nature there.

Drop your best sunrise photo...

This was taken when we went to the to the waterfalls. As I said, we go there by walking early in the morning. It was close to the mountain and you can feel the cold breeze.

Your best sky photo...

I think, this was the best photo of sky that I took. We were on our way home from church and this pink sky appears, it was really amazing and beautiful.

Drop your best sunset photo...

I really like this photo because it is really beautiful, it has no filter guys, and it was just taken on my mobile phone. I really loves sunsets, because for me, it only symbolizez  resets and rest. It is a blessings that we are able to witness

Show me ur last artwork...

This artwork of mine was the last artwork I made, and I submitted it on one of my subject which is Art Appreciation. Our teacher asked my class to send our own drawing as an activity. I draw it last semester,  and until now I don't have a time to draw or I am just lazy to hold my paint brush haha.

That's all! I hope you enjoyed this article!

Thanks for reading!


Let me know your thought about it! :)

Feel free to share more about yourself too, by commenting in the box below!

You can do this challenge too, but give some proper credits! 😉

All photos were originally taken and edited by me.

: Saturday
: August 13, 2022
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Akala ko noon template na sa IG to, pwede pala icustomize hahaha

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oo ate, ngayon ko nga din nadiscover e🤣

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