From Birth To Rebirth Of Rusty

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11 months ago

Lead Image. Screen shot from my phone.


Hi to the all family.

I hope you'll be doing great, yeah me to. I am so much glad today, glad means so much happy today. It is 21 past 8 AM. And right now when i opened my readcash account. I saw a bulk of notifications. Usually i check my readcash after ever 5 to 10 minutes but since yesterday i couldn't do do. The reason behind not checking my account in time is important.

We experienced a huge rainfall, strong wind and an earthquake with the intensity of 7.7 last night. The earthquake is almost experienced in whole Pakistan, but fortunately there is no loss of lives and materials. But in the result of these three things discussed above. We didn't have power supply and my cellphone was shut down. So i charged it in the morning and opened it now. It is 8.31 AM.

Link to my last article

Flowers in my house.

Before that i want to share my source of happiness with you all guys. So when i saw a bulk of notifications from my friends, the best article writers have uploaded meaningful articles.

I visited some of these article, but before visiting, i saw two most important notifications in these bulk of notifications. And these notifications were right before 12 and 11 hours from now. Would you like to see these notifications. Yeah, i think you must see them. You can see them in the picture(screen shot) below.

/// I am unable to upload any picture, because of system error, i don't have option to upload images on readcash. You can see this picture in lead image ///

Screen shot from taken by myself on my readcash notification bar.

Isn't it beautiful?

Yeah it is, hehehe. ❀️ It's been three months i miss this beautiful notification. 50 cents are a huge transaction the rusty can donate in a single instance. And i am feeling lucky to have this in my notification bar. So it's a noticeable achievement from me after reborn of the generous rusty. It's a source of motivation for myself and for all other users of this platform. One thing i have noticed is....

Original Content is Always Appreciated.

No matter it is YouTube, Facebook and other earning platforms they want quality content from their users. Qualify content and original content is the key for a platform to prosper and grow. Like other platforms is also a platform its algorithm supports and appreciates original content from its writers.

Image source

When was an infant

I am one of the users who are on readcash since it was an infant. I am here from the days it gave earning to its users on in the form of likes and comments. The users who got as much likes and comments the get as much of the money in the form of BCH from the algorithm.

Then what exactly happened was people started spamming on readcash. And then the Owner decided to to make some changes in this platform

Image source

First birth of rusty (and reason behind that)

Right after one month of using The owner born a bot(the rusty).

The Rusty then started giving tips to the articles he supposed to do (means only valuable, worthy and original content get appreciated that time). And the users like me left the platform because i were the one who wasn't able to make a place at this platform.

Image source

But after three months, i came back to the platform and made a new account. And then wrote 2 articles ny myself and didn't get any productive feedback. Then i started coping content from Google and posting here in Because of this action my account got add in the list of spammed accounts.

There is no short cut to achieve success

Then i realized that there is no short cut to be successful in any field of life. Without few exceptional cases, you need a proper way to to gain what you want.

Image source

So, then i made a new account and started working properly. I kept on posting two articles per day, one in the morning and other in the evening or midnight. Sometimes it took me 4 to 5 hours to write a single article. Because i am not as much competent as my fellows are here, with outstanding brain capabilities.

Account growth.

So my account kept growing, i got $1.91 on my first article and 1.6 at second. And i remember i received more than 3 dollars on my third article from rusty. I earned a lot of money and friendships of my dear authors from this platform. My account reached to a standard level and my each and every article started getting more than 6 dollars.

Image source

And i remember one of my articles got $15 and that was highest, i ever acquired.

Downfall of Cryptocurency

After that, downfall of Cryptocurency started. Prices of all coins started falling from their peaks. And a complete bearish market is seen. Asa result the price of BCH also get down from more than 1000 dollars to lowest we have now. And in this instance, the rusty's hand started closing itself suddenly. And reward get down gradually.

Image source

The person who was getting six dollars on each article, reached to 1.5 or two dollars on each article.

The Sleeping Rusty

In December 2023, a big announcement comes from the world of internet. That a chat bot has been created. And it is text based. It will give you all, you want in the form of text. And after 3 days, an article is posted from the Rusty that.

Sleeping rusty.

Image source

"it was my last Tip" giving you guys even a single penny or cent is a foolishness.

And all this happened because of creation of AI writing tools. Where you can write a thousand word article even in few seconds.

This community drenched into a sorrowful situation. Because this was a platform that was a source of livelihood for many people like me.

What this Resulted in

As a result people here lost interest and stopped posting stuff on readcash. And ratio of articles being posted here got down.


But few tigers remained stick to the platform and kept on posting their stuff on regular basis. And after three months of their hardwork and sickness. Rusty decided to Reborn. And reopen the tipping system.

Closing thoughts.

And now 😍 i remember the days i came to readcash for the first time. And this is the time when everyone is a newbie. Everyone need to work hard as a person do for a new account.

When (after reborn of rusty) i posted an article. It showed a notification to me when i uploaded my first article after the first birth of rusty.

The thing i have noticed in all the time period of almost two years. Original and worthy content is always appreciated here.

Our prayers are with the Cryptocurency market and BCH prices, that price of BCH will rise again. And we will be able to enjoy bull run of



I am unable to upload any image, because i couldn't find any option to upload image on readcash for now. I don't know what is the real issue behind this. But i hope i will not be ignored.

This is πŸ’― original article, written by me @rashid2.0

All the words and phrases used in this article are mine and copyright free. Images aren't used in this article because of system error.

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11 months ago


Yes I agree that there's no short cut in achieving success. It take me a month before rusty noticed me and I am happy that I will be celebrating my two years here on this coming July.I am happy even though I am not a good writer but I able to stay here for long and able to earn money as well😊

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11 months ago

Hopefully this rebirth would be better and I can see that people are coming back

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11 months ago

This article really energized my mental strength, cus I'm a newbie here. Kudos!

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11 months ago

Now that rusty is back, I can see that this platform is coming back to life. I am sad that I left the platform when rusty was gone but I am happy to see every day that old users i interact with are coming back too..

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11 months ago

Yeah, don't lose hope. Play your role in keeping this platform alive dear. Your part in here will never be get wasted. I remember your content was much better from hundreds of users here. Thanks a lot for helping all the users to build this community alive. ❀️

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11 months ago