Homemade Burger Bread

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Easy and delicious!

This recipe allows us to eat healthier breads, without preservatives or additives, but you can also eat it fresh and freshly made. Nothing is better than freshly made hamburger bun.


a half dozen come out

  • 250 gr of flour

  • 2 gr. of dry yeast or 6gr. fresh yeast

  • Half a tsp. of salt

  • 2 tsp. filled with sugar

  • 100 ml. of warm water

  • 40 ml. warm milk

  • 1 egg

  • 40 gr. butter

  • Sesame and poppy seeds to decorate (optional)

How to make this homemade hamburger bun

it's really very easy

The first thing we are going to do is put the flour inside a container and we are going to open a hole in the center, running it towards the sides of the boul, forming a crown. We will also add salt to the sides.

In the center we are going to pour the warm water and the warm milk. We are also going to put the egg, then the butter and finally the yeast, breaking it down so that it is better integrated into the kneading.

We begin to integrate the flour with the liquid part of the center, little by little. This procedure is done by hand, inevitably, any other utensil is going to be cumbersome, everything is going to get dirty, the truth is very highly not recommended. Use your hands. It's a bit gross, but look within that part of you that is still 5 years old and has fun getting dirty and playing with dough.

Once the ingredients are well integrated and we have a ball of dough, we are going to remove it from the container.

It was time for the kneading with all the letters. Sprinkle a little flour on the counter and on our bun and start to knead it carefully. Control the humidity of the dough. It must be spongy but not very wet. If you see that it is very sticky, add the flour that you think is necessary while kneading. Also, do not overdo flour, which afterwards remains a hard and caked thing.

We are going to put a jet of oil in a bowl and we are going to leave our dough bun resting, covered with plastic wrap. well, 1 hour more or less.

When we see that the dough has doubled in size, we are going to remove it from the bowl and degas it. What does this mean? a slight kneading that will generate the leaking gas. Be careful not to knead too much, it's just a little bit.

We divide the bun into 6 equal parts. They can do it by eye or weigh them to check that they are the same. We will round each part to give it a neater and smoother shape.

We put them in a roasting pan painted with oil and cover them with a brush to give them a second leaven.

Seeing that the muffins doubled in size, we are going to paint them with a little egg and we are going to put the seeds that we have chosen to decorate them on top.

So they go to the oven, 200ยบ for more or less 12 or 15 minutes. When they are we take them out, let them cool a little, and they are ready to use.

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Burger is my favourite fast food. Specially chicken burger with cheese and vegetables is really tasty and yammy.You explained the making process nicely

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