World Cup-bound Malditas bows down to the Lady Taeguks

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2 years ago
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It was a heartbreak for us, and a tough challenge for the underdogs against a well-experienced team with numerous appearances. 2 days ago, at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune, India. It was the semi-final match of this year’s edition of the AFC Women’s Asian Cup, Our very own Malditas faced off against the Lady Taeguks of South Korea.

In the 1st Half after 3 minutes, Cho So-Hyun nails the first goal of the match coming from a Corner Kick on the right flank from Kim Hye-Ri, but unable to stop and went through the goal line on the near post. 29 minutes later, Sarina Bolden with a tremendous effort when Jessica Miclat went for a long pass to the penalty area, touched by Quinley Quesada as the ball went to Bolden but was a near-off target.

2 minutes later, the Koreans scored another goal within close range when Choo Hyo-Joo crossed the ball to Son Hwa-Yeon. The Lady Taeguks are on the lead with 2 goals but wanted more when Choe Yu-ri goes one-on-one with Olivia McDaniel 4 minutes later, but her shot went wide.

As the 1st half went to a close, the Malditas had to stand their ground and hold their line within the 2nd Half. In the 66th minute, Son Hwa-Yeon wanted to get another goal in the match then followed it up in the 71st minute from Choo Hyo-Joo. Both shots were denied by Olivia McDaniel, but another one went off target.

Lee Min-a attempts to go for the Third Goal in the 88th minute, where she positions herself at the penalty area on the left flank and makes a tremendous save as she flies off deflecting the shot with her right hand. With the final whistle, the Lady Taeguks will go through to the Finals and the Malditas bowed down in the tournament. At least, we still have the golden ticket for the FIFA Women’s World Cup next year in the land down under.

If I would pick my Woman of the Match in this bout? It will be Olivia McDaniel as she did everything to stand her ground, and held her line since a Goalkeeper’s job is not so easy ensuring that the ball will not pass through the goal line. A tough first half, not until the Koreans tried to score more in the 2nd Half as the Malditas dug in and held their ground to defend their posts.

From competing with well-developed countries to the heavyweights of Asia, the Malditas proved to everyone throughout the years that they’re at the top of the world. We will never forget what the ladies have done for the 3 Stars and the Sun, without the guidance of the new gaffer Coach Alen Stajćić through their Women’s Asian Cup journey.

From Chandler McDaniel’s goal and clean sheet victory against Thailand ending the country’s winless streak to the hardline defense between the Matildas and the Malditas, the 6 - nil victory against Indonesia, and the defining moment when we beat Chinese Taipei via Penalty Shootout with 4 over 3. We Filipinos will remember what the feisty group has done for our country by making our dreams become a reality.

The Malditas will be back and will compete in more tournaments this year at the South East Asian Games, the AFF Women’s Championship, and soon the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand.

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