Ultras: Fanatics of the Highest Order

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As I have previously posted on my article, these critics will never understand how the movement works and they don't even do their own research.

ULTRAS now streaming on Netflix

With my experience for 6 years supporting a local club, 8 years and counting for our National Teams. Through thick and thin somehow we changed the support culture, somebody said it is for the money but our passion supporting our teams is not for sale. This is where we forget our own problems and escape reality for once. And it is our solemn duty to answer the call.

Ultras Filipinas at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. AFC Asian Qualifiers: Philippines Vs. Tajikistan

Who are they?

Ultras are sports fans, mainly supporters of their associate football club renowned for their fanatical support ranging from the use of flares, banners, flags waving at stadiums, vocal support in large groups which are designed to create an atmosphere which energizes their own team and intimidate the opposing team including their supporters.

The group is centered to the founders or leaders with smaller subgroups organised by location, friendship or political stance. They use various styles and sizes of banners and flags bearing the name and symbols of their group. Some would sell their own merchandise to raise funds for performing displays. It can be from a handful of fans to hundreds or thousands, with larger groups claiming an entire section of a stadium for themselves. They often have a representative who liaises with the club owners on a regular basis, mostly regarding tickets, seat allocations and storage facilities. Some clubs provide groups with cheaper tickets, storage rooms for flags and banners and early access to the stadium before matches in order to prepare displays. These types of favored relationships are often criticized when ultras groups abuse their power.

The Origin?

It is still an endless debate where it all started and there are many claims from various countries which based on the date of their foundation. Brazil - 1939, they call themselves as Torcida Organizada. Torcer means to wring, to twist, or to root for. They have the same characteristics as goes with the Ultras. In 1950, a group of sailors from Korcula, Croatia witnessed the passion of the crowd during the World Cup Final. They decided to bring the same passion to their city at Split, and Torcida Split - supporters of the HNK Hajduk Split was formed on October 28. Considered as the oldest Torcida style group in Europe. In the same year at Argentina, the Barra Bravas (equivalent to Torcida Organizada) was formed.

In the following year, the Fedelissimi Granata of Torino was founded, and it continued the development of the culture in the 60s - the Fossa dei Leoni and Boys San were founded as the first full fledged group. In 1969, the term ultras was used as a name - Ultras Tito Cucchiaroni and Ultras Granata was founded, supporters of Sampdoria and Torino. It became synonymous during the 70s. S.S Lazio Ultras and Hellas Verona were founded in 1974. It became more apparent, in contrast with the traditional culture, choreographic displays, signature banners, symbols, giant flags, drums and pyro became the norm as groups aimed to take their support to the next level. It also saw the violence and unrest of Italian society at the time overlap with the movement, adding a dimension that has plagued it ever since. In recent decades, the culture has become a focal point for the movement against the commercialization of sports and football in particular.

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How did it spread throughout the world?

The movement spread across Europe, Australia, Asia and North Africa during the 80s, 90s and 2000s, starting with the countries geographically closest to Italy. As the movement spread across the world, our Southeast Asian and other Asian neighbors now have their own movements; from Ultras Garuda, Ultras Malaya, Ultras Thailand, Ultras Nippon (Japan). Now we have our own movement even if my country is so obsessed with Basketball. It is given that this country is a hoop nation. As the years go by from 2010, more and more people are now interested in the sport.

Justin Baas of the Philippine Azkals U-22 celebrating with the Ultras Filipinas. Victory against Malaysia last 30th SEA Games at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

On my next article, I'll tell you how Ultras Filipinas was formed.

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