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If you'll look back in our history, football has different variations in different countries, and it became the sport of the people. Throughout the years, it became part of our daily lives, through the good and bad, our second home as we sing out loud rooting for our club. It is created by the people, but some would steal it for their interests.

I know that my country is a hoop nation, and we get trending issues mostly in showbiz, but for us football fans here in the Philippines we have our thoughts on this.

12 Founding Clubs of the Super League

6 from the Premier League, 3 from La Liga & Serie A joined as founders of the Super League. The following association football clubs are:

  • A.C. Milan

  • Arsenal

  • Atletico Madrid

  • FC Barcelona

  • Inter Milan

  • Manchester City

  • Chelsea FC

  • Juventus

  • Liverpool

  • Manchester United

  • Real Madrid CF

  • Tottenham Hotspur

If you're a fan of any of the clubs listed in this article, feel free to post your comments down below what are your thoughts and why did they decide to join this new tournament. Luckily, I'm not a fan of any of these clubs. From the list above, these are the most successful football clubs in Europe imagining an elite tournament of the best of the best.

The Elite Tournament of Greed

Football is supposed to be for everyone. It doesn't matter about status, the geographical location, the supporters, as long as they want to have fun by playing in the league. That's why it has a system and every football country has a different system.

If the club performs well, either you'll get promoted or get a shot in a different tournament and get rewarded. If the club is on the brink of not performing well, you'll suffer the consequences by relegating down to another division. That is for the punishment if the club is being relegated down to a lower league.

Most football countries have either 3 up to 5 divisions. If the Super League would follow this system, well expect they'll be squaring off with the same club they're facing in their respective domestic leagues, and even the UEFA Champions League. In the end, they'll gain some revenue. How about other clubs who want a slice of the pie?

Football is for Everyone

I disagree with this. It is killing the sport itself and should be for everyone. When are we going to see some cinderella stories, the biggest upsets when a lower division club beats a well-known club, the giant killers, the most thrilling matches we've ever witnessed either in the stadium or at the comfort of your home. That is why we are here as the voice of the club we are rooting for.

Now that the 6 clubs of the Premier League stepped down on proceeding with this new tournament as they heard the voice of their fans. Hoping the 6 other clubs would do the same. Football will always be for the people, not for the corporate capitalists who don't even understand the sport itself.

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