Day 5 - Life after lockdown: Pasay City

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3 years ago

November 20, 2020 / 7:45 am. I was able to get some rest yesterday, and I am good to go on wandering the streets again. My next stop? The City of Pasay. Home to a few landmarks and local companies like Philippine Airlines and the Philippine National Bank. Let's start with the Manila Film Center.

Located at the southwest end of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Constructed in 1981, and it was finished the following year in 1982. When I reached the stairs, I took this shot (image above) and where you can see few of the buildings standing around it's neighboring city Manila.

Next is Star City, it is unfortunate this amusement park is now abandoned since it's incident last year and families will no longer enjoy the rides and other attractions around the park. The following venues are still closed as of today like the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Philippine International Convention Center, and the World Trade Center, which is one of my favorite venues to attend car/motor shows or even pop culture conventions.

On the bottom left, this was my shot at the World Trade Center. Now, vehicles are driving by on this spot, but, the venue is still closed today.

My last event that I went to this venue was the Manila International Auto Show last year. Before going to my next destination, I need to check my account's remaining balance, and luckily enough that I got my paycheck today even if I resigned from my previous company (for my previous Diary, click or tap here to read more). A spark coming from my eyes when I checked my account. So, I need to get breakfast first before hitting the road. I had a cup of Coffee, an Iced Tea, and a bowl of fried rice with scrambled eggs and chicken fillet filled with gravy sauce.

On the bottom left, this was my shot at the North Terminal of SM Mall of Asia. Now, only a few vans parked to wait for passengers then head off to their destination.

When I reached SM Mall of Asia, I revisited one of my previous shots and currently the SM Mall of Asia Arena converted the venue to a swabbing test facility. While, the SMX Convention Center is also closed today.

The 28th TransSport Show was the last event I attended from this venue. Both of these events were postponed and will resume once a vaccine will be available for distribution, and everything will be back to normal. After that, I went shopping to reward myself, then I went to Double Dragon Plaza to grab my lunch at Ramen Kuroda.

It's been a while that I haven't eaten ramen,  so I went for a meal set that comes with a bowl of rice, fruits, hot tea, and four pieces of gyoza as a side dish. After a delightful meal, I visited Blue Wave just in front of Double Dragon Plaza to loosen up, and would only see a few people around unlike the other malls mentioned in this article.

As I went back to SM Mall of Asia to see the sunset, there was this ship positioned almost on the sea wall, thought it was a new attraction or a kiddie ride, joking aside and only to find out that this was the work of Typhoon Ulysses due to strong winds & waves. Luckily, the crew members were not harmed or injured, and they were given aid by the local authorities.

For the full story, click or tap here to read more. To cap off the night, I ate dinner at Yellow Cab and booked another room to rest for the night. It's time to head back home tomorrow, and plan my next adventure.

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