Day 26 - We are moving out!

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3 years ago
My coffee mug. Yes! I'm a Star Wars fan.

December 11, 2020. I grab a hot cup of coffee and pack everything in my room because we are moving out by Sunday. Just logged in and the last article I published was upvoted multiple times by the bot, and other articles I've posted for the last 3 weeks. As I have said before, I will continue to write more and create good quality articles.

My collection. Autographs (from Kelly Hu and Carla Perez), scale-model figures (haven't assembled it yet), Kamen Rider Belts, books, Funko Pops. I'm a fan of both east and west pop-cultures.

I started to gather my belongings, the rest is needed to be covered since they're displayed on an improvised shelf made out of carton boxes. The good thing about the place we're living in on Sunday, the travel time will be lessened from 2 hours reduced to half an hour going to Manila and the same environment I'll experience in the subdivision. It's been a year that we stayed here in General Trias, Cavite but the challenge for me will be going back and forth to our new place.

My workstation

After packing most of my stuff, I started to write about my technical knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office since I already left Teleperformance for 3 weeks now.

Both articles are 6 minutes long, and the longest article that I've published here followed by Remembering Francis M: The King of Filipino Rap which is 5 minutes long. Right now, I'm writing my next one in which I break down the common and rare concerns I get while taking phone calls for Microsoft Office, so stay tuned.

The moment I was about to sleep, I noticed something on my news feed. Remember my best friend from high school that I visited last month? He shared a trailer for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron on his wall. It will be a full-length feature film and the storyline is currently in progress. Here's the trailer below and it will be directed by Patty Jenkins.

In addition to that, new TV Series will be added to the Star Wars Universe. Ahsoka Tano, Captain Cassian Andor, and Lando Calrissian will be having their TV Series. Let us not forget also the Bad Batch of the Clone Army which will be a 3D Animation series. Star Wars: Visions will be a compilation of short films created by well-known animators in the industry, while, The Acolyte will be a mystery thriller about the ways of the dark side in its final days of the High Republic. A Droid Story's premise tells a new hero will be guided by our favorite bots R2-D2 and C3PO. The biggest reveal is both Evan McGregor as the titular character (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Hayden Christiansen as Darth Vader will reprise their roles from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. This time, 10 years after their duel on the Mustafar system. I wonder what will be the fate of Master Kenobi this time. Did he stay at Tatooine so he can keep an eye on Luke? Did he continue to communicate with Qui-Gon Jinn using Force Meditation while on Tatooine? Will the Master and former Padawan turned Sith will meet again for another duel? I know that you have a lot of questions coming from your head about this series and we are about to get hyped out for next year.

7 days later after I published the status of the men who were part of the Azkals 2010, Simon McMenemy will be the guest of Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Football podcast. The show is now on its 3rd Season and the current head coach of Indonesia as its first guest on their newest season. Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Football is a podcast consisting of influencers, vloggers, fans, and journalists discussing our local and international football scene. Mark this on your calendars, Simon McMenemy - former Head Coach of the Azkals 2010 on Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Football! Click/Tap here to tune in tomorrow at 9:00 pm.

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