PanXCafé and BCH: Report 1.

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PanXCafé we are a small bakery committed to bringing good bread to all the inhabitants of Cabudare and eastern Barquisimeto. Two cities of Lara State, Venezuela. We are passionate about kneading and the smell of freshly baked bread. However, this is not the only thing that we are passionate about. We are also passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies and freedom. Even before making bread we already knew and used cryptocurrencies and we contemplated blockchain technology with all its potential.

We can affirm that, thanks to Bitcoin as a technology, today this project is underway. We have traveled several years to get to the beginning of this story, we have experimented with various blockchains without ever losing sight of the idea of satoshi: “a person-to-person electronic cash system”. Until you get to Bitcoin Cash and its valuable community. From whom we have not only received a lot of support but also agree with the idea of keeping our money free.

That is why, as a bakery, we want to promote not only a new business model but also promote and implement Bitcoin Cash as the mother cryptocurrency. From PanXCafe we have created a campaign called CryptoBakery. Dedicated to research, implement and promote everything related to Bitcoin Cash and the crypto world.

My name is Ramón Oropeza and I am building a new bakery thanks to Bitcoin Cash.

Bakery reality.

PanXCafe is just starting operations after a brief period in which it had to put out its flame. In this new stage we are going to win back our long-standing customers and to win over new customers by expanding our coverage outside our neighborhood.

Our business model is dark kitchen. This model allows us to have greater control over the administration of the business. This is important in a country like Venezuela and since we are a small business.

The first days of our sales have been small. Our start has been marked by the situation in the country, which has combined several factors to create the perfect storm for the despair of merchants. In recent weeks the country has seen how its currency has been devalued precipitously as a result of the increase in the value of the dollar in Venezuela. As a consequence an intimidating inflation. Added to this is a shortage of fuel that makes us spend long hours of the day at service stations.

Despite all this, we have been able to keep our heads up and move on. We fight inflation and the devaluation of the currency taking care of our inventory, making only what is fair for our clients through a previous order. We have marked all our prices in US dollars while the voracious storm of devaluation passes. A minor pain is buying fuel from resellers to save time at the bakery. It is not easy to be an entrepreneur in Venezuela.

Currently our offer has five products, with the Christmas season being the main objective. As a star product we have ham bread in three presentations: traditional bread, mini bread and ham bread roll. And as snack bread and cravings we have traditional sweet breads and cinnamon rolls. In the following days we will be incorporating more products.

Bitcoin Cash as a flag.

Not only out of gratitude but also out of conviction we want to implement, promote and educate about Bitcoin Cash through our small business. For this we have two central guidelines:

1) The education of Bitcoin Cash as a tool for financial freedom and autonomy.

2) The implementation of Bitcoin Cash around our bakery as an introduction to adoption.

These guidelines are under development. Both lines will be located under the name of CryptoBakery. The first will be focused on education through social networks and dynamic meetings in which you can directly interact with the blockchain and its entire environment. The second, our aim is to create an environment for the use of BCH as a payment currency in our bakery through a community that receives and is encouraged to use BCH as a payment method.

List of advertisements done so far.

Bitcoin Cash Merry Christmas.

Life in Venezuela is not easy. And being part of this community I would like and ASK for support to share the quintessential Christmas bread in Venezuela: Pan De Jamon. The price of my ham bread is $10. For the BCH community, it will cost $9 and it will reach the children of the “La Chiquillada” children's shelter foundation, located in the city of Barquisimeto. If you want to collaborate with this cause let us know in this post!


First of all I am grateful to God for everything I have. I am also grateful to all those who have supported me, forgive me if you named them, but I know how important it is to recognize those who, often with the simplest gesture, are changing lives. Thank you all very much.

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Woahoo, I love it that you are not just concerned of the promotion of your business only but also the promotion of crypto as well. Your bakery might suffer a lot of things at the initial stage but very sure it will only get better 🥰.

It was nice reading through, I wish you all the best in the promotion of your business and crypto (bitcoin).

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