5 reasons to use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to raise funds for your project.

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The world is full of needs and entrepreneurs hungry to meet those needs. However, many times it takes an economic boost that brings them closer to their dreams and the desire to contribute to society by solving problems and creating jobs. It is common for these projects to seek funding everywhere to achieve their goals, but using banks and governments involves a lot of bureaucratic red tape and absurd commitments.

Reason # 1.

Transparency: Thanks to blockchain technology, transactions are completely public and funds are sent directly between peers without the use of any intermediary.

Reason # 2.

Low Commissions: Due to the structure of bitcoin cash, transactions are very cheap compared to BTC, so resources can be better used.

Reason # 3.

Community: Bitcoin cash has an active community which is interested in getting the message out that BCH is really the electronic cash announced by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin Whitpaper, it is also an altruistic community and looking for new business opportunities.

Reason # 4.

Adoption: This cryptocurrency is increasingly recognized worldwide and widely accepted along with other cryptocurrencies in shops, exchange houses and professionals of various types. Bitcoin Cash is very popular.

Reason # 5.

Capitalization: Bitcoin Cash is among the 5 most important cryptocurrencies in the environment. It has a large share of the crypto market and a very important capitalization and transaction volume.

Raising funds for your project is not easy. Personally, I have tried to raise funds to start my bakery and have been unsuccessful. However, I do not give up because I fight for my dreams day by day. Another option that Bitcoin Cash provides is the creation of SLP Tokens that you can use to raise funds for your project. In my case, I hope to create MIGAS coin in order to use this token to interact with the customers of the bakery that one day I will have.

To finish, I invite you to fight for your dreams and your goals. Above all, if they help make the world a better one. If you liked my post, you can leave a comment and thumb up. Subscribe to my page. And if you want to help me with my bakery leave a tip, thanks!

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BCH is the key and the way. With time its price will sky rocket high above bitcoin, am sure if that. I will advice you to keep accumulating more bch. One day it will payoff

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