MigasCoin (MIGAS): SLP token for PanXCafé | Preview.

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Gamification in marketing consists of applying concepts and dynamics typical of game design in order to stimulate and make user interaction more attractive. It uses the natural human predisposition towards competition and gaming to make certain tasks less boring and to retain the user.

In this sense, the delivery of rewards through coupons or point cards for the subsequent exchange for services and products is one of the most common forms of Gamification that have existed. Traditionally, this delivery is made using paper coupons or cards issued by a specific company. The data on the points are centrally controlled by the issuing company. As a consequence, the user experience with this point system is very limited to the rules of the issuing entity of said points, since it continues to be the owner of said points and not the user.

One solution, to improve the user experience in this point rewards system, is to create a system in which the user is actually the owner of said points that he has obtained through his participation with the company. Thus generating an entire ecosystem of exchange between users / clients of said company. Always with the guarantee of being able to exchange points for services and products in the issuing company.

MigasCoin (MIGAS) is a point reward system based on blockchain technology by issuing SLP tokens over Bitcoin Cash. Las Migas will be distributed to all PanXCafé customers who have wallets that support SLP tokens and make purchases of PanXCafé products. Crumbs may be exchanged for services and products at PanXCafé. The MIGAS for being SLP tokens are decentralized and can be exchanged between wallets that support SLP tokens and in this way more quickly gather the necessary MIGAS to demand the rewards thanks to the collaboration between the users.

General objectives:

  • 1) Introduction to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem to PanXCafé customers.

  • 2) Adoption of Bitcoin Cash: MigasCoin will work on Bitcoin Cash by issuing SLP tokens. So PanXCafé should promote the download of wallets that support SLP tokens like Bitcoin.com Wallet for Android.

  • 3) Customer loyalty through the delivery of interchangeable tokens for products and services in PanXCafé.

  • 4) General increase in sales of PanXCafé products.


PanXCafé will be the issuing and distributing entity of MigasCoin (MIGAS). PanXCafé customers will be rewarded each time they purchase a PanXCafé product. There are only three products and each one will have a value in MIGAS. By collecting enough MIGAS they will be able to exchange for products in PanXCafé.

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