Why you should pledge for BCHD on flipstarter.

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3 years ago

Everyone have their own Point of View and we should accept and respect that. After BCHN become first flipstarter node campaign to get fulfilled BCHD was the runner up, But because of some Shuffle now it is less then 50% completed.

BCHD doing some significant work for BCH community if you read about them or their future planning you can go and read at https://bchd.flipstarter.cash/

Their goal for including SLP indexing for rapidly increasing market of SLP tokens are one of the best ideas and it will be benefiting at it most to BCH community in future.

Trading Volume Yesterday for some significant SLP Tokens on Exchanges was $592,050 USD SAI, SPICE, HONK, FLEX, and DROP Those 5 Tokens have a combined Market Cap of only $21 Million USD.

Seeing this growth makes BCHD work more significant than ever, Lets support them to create easy and eco SLP environment for all.

Support BCHD, Support BCH, Support SLP

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Hi Ralak. Just quick question....do you have another source that I could use to do some research on the BCHD project. other than their own kickstarter link? Seems like a good opportunity that may be even better due to the shuffling that you mentioned. Let me know, as I'd like to read any source material you find.

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3 years ago