Russia, a country that you would want to go again and again when you go 

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Russians love reading too much, so there are immortal works written by giants such as Pushkin, Lev Tolstoy, Chekov;

Russians love dancing too much, so with ballet and Swan Lake, they became the country with the best ballet dancers in the world;

The glory of the Tsarist era and the glory of the Soviet Union created Russia. From Moscow to St. Petersburg, you can see Russia's past and present.

Rather than turning your journey into the scenery, step into the scenery and indulge in those ancient streets, looking for the former glory in museums, galleries, art galleries, palaces and restaurants with stories.

Russia is a multi-faceted city. For example, Moscow is a city that is modernized with the Soviet Union; St. Petersburg is a historical city of Tsarist Russia; Lake Baikal is a region of natural beauty; Murmansk is a city of the Northern Aurora; Sochi is a sea with both Black Sea views Also owns the resort city of Snow Mountain ...

Russia, obviously has a fascinating connotation, and it cannot really be better known to everyone. Walking among the urban scenery of Russia, you will definitely find the scenery you want.

Feel the classic charm of Moscow

Moscow is the capital. The Soviet Union has a strong atmosphere and a strong historical and political atmosphere. Therefore, Putin ’s presidential palace-the Kremlin, Red Square, and Lenin's Tomb often appear in the public view.

As everyone knows, Moscow has incorporated a lot of modern elements based on classic architectural styles. It is a city where modernity and history are intertwined. Everywhere is full of new and old.

Looking up to the glory incarnation of the Russian Federation-the Kremlin

Kremlin: The Kremlin building complex is the heart and symbol of Russia. It is the seat of the highest authority of the state and the presidential palace. The magnificent ancient building complex full of artistic sense condenses the exquisite craftsmanship of the Tsarist era and is still amazing.

Witness of History-Red Square

Red Square is adjacent to the Kremlin and is the oldest square in Moscow. It is not only a place to witness major historical events in Russia, but also a place for mass gatherings, large-scale celebrations and military parades on important Russian festivals.

You can fully feel the storm of Russian history.

Explore the first secrets of space-the Space Museum

The Space Museum was built to commemorate Gagarin, the first person in the universe. It collects many precious space research materials left over from the Cold War, with more than 20,000 exhibits.

Moscow "young" heartbeat

The most beautiful underground museum-Moscow metro station

Moscow's subway station is known as the most beautiful subway in the world and the most punctual subway. The subway in Moscow is not only a means of transportation, it is also the work of countless architects and artists.

From reliefs to mosaics to multicolored glass; from reliefs, carvings to fresco decoration, each station has its own characteristics and theme, known as Moscow's famous Internet celebrity punching and photographing place.

Picking up a player's geomantic treasure-an ant flea market

An ant was once the largest and most beautiful flea market in Europe. The flea market also sells a wide range of arts and crafts, antique jewelry, clothes, authentic old and fake objects, vintage cameras, guns and ammunition, and so on. Only you ca n’t think of it, without you

Russia on the tip of the tongue-White Rabbit Restaurant

White Rabbit Restaurant, with its traditional and modern culinary characteristics, respects the natural and seasonal changes, and emphasizes the restaurant philosophy of diners' taste buds, making it among the top 50 restaurants in the world for three consecutive years.

What's more worth mentioning is that the 360-degree fully transparent dome on the top floor of the restaurant allows diners to enjoy wonderful views of Moscow while enjoying the food.

Compared with the large size and modernity of Moscow, St. Petersburg is more solemn and romantic. Most of the old houses in the historic buildings of St. Petersburg were the residence of former nobles. If you walk in the street at random, you may walk into a period of history.

St. Petersburg's business card also includes fine arts, music, ballet and literature. The Conservatory is on par with the Academy of Music in Vienna, Austria; ballet is the first in the world.

"The Third Palace" in St. Petersburg

Get up close and personal with Leonardo Da Vinci-The Hermitage

The Winter Palace is one of the four largest museums in the world. It is as famous as the Louvre, British Museum, and Metropolitan Museum. The Hermitage has a large number of treasures. It is said that if you want to walk through about 350 open exhibition halls of the museum, the journey is about 22 kilometers.

Which led to countless pilgrims were Leonardo da Vinci's two authentic "Mother of the Flower" and "Mother Lida".

Visit the Summer Palace of Peter the Great

The Summer Palace is located in the forest on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. In the Summer Palace, using any filter will only spoil the halo of the light reflected on the gold ornaments. It is beautiful!

Not only is every room in the palace decorated with rich local gold, there are hundreds of fountains made of pure gold in the lower garden. Under the sun, the eyes are bright.

Women's Ultimate Dream-Palace of Yezhekalina

Ekaterina Palace is one of the most magnificent palaces in Russia. It was originally a gift from the Tsar to the Queen and was later inherited by the Tsar. The palace belongs to Baroque architecture, and the interior is brilliant and elegant.

Toes for romantic feelings-ballet

See the world's top ballet performances-Mariinsky Theatre

The Mariinsky Theatre, a world-class carrier-level theater, merged with the Bolshoi Theatre to create Russia's "art country." The dancer's intense expressions and body movements, coupled with relaxation music, are called the art of the soul!

The description of hard work is not enough to describe the beauty of St. Petersburg.

If there is one destination that can replace many countries, then it must be-Russia.

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This article presents many reasons why Russia is a great place to visit. I have longed to visit some of the small towns as well as the larger cities in Russia as well as in surrounding nations like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tblisi, Kyiv -- eventually I will make my way over there.

The skill with which you advocate for St Petersburg is also very impressive, and again, made me wish travel restrictions had been lifted so it could be a possibility again.

Keep up the good work.

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4 years ago

It's sad that the only opportunity I had to visit Russia I couldn't go because of problems getting the visa :(

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4 years ago

Russia is a country I never thought to visit and I'm increasingly curious! Hug from Portugal

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4 years ago

Just an FYI. I don't know where you take the pictures from and I really hope you have the permission to use them, because otherwise the owners might request your articles to be taken down or they can even sue you. You can't for example take images from Google Search.

Here are a few places where you can get a lot of images legally: (these three sites don't require links) then you can use Wikipedia search and Flickr creative commons (you need to use "Commercial use allowed" option) -- these two require that you link back to the photo (attribution), but are free to use too. With Wikipedia you need to check if commercial use for any particular photo is allowed.

Frankly I would've upvoted you much more if I was sure that the images are from legal sources :)

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4 years ago

I always buy pictures👉👉 (monthly subscription), so you don't have to take any tension

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You're awesome! 👍

Upvoted $20, because the images are beautiful and legally used :)

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