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That night, it rained very hard plus the weather was quite cold. Roni was sitting in the living room sipping coffee and smiling when he saw his sister Lina was studying. Lina is currently in the third grade of high school, and in the next two months, the girl will take the graduation exam.

"So, after graduating from school, what are your plans?" asked Roni.

"I want to continue studying in University," Lina replied, "But, I don't want to bother you, so I'm looking for a job first to pay for college," Lina continued.

"Don't be like that, let me work hard so you can reach your goals," said Roni.

"Since Mother and Father have died, you have worked too hard to pay for my school and life, I don't want to burden you," said Lina.

"Don't think about it, just focus on your future okay," said Roni

Roni got up from his seat and headed to the terrace of the house, burning his cigarette and watching the rain falling while thinking about how to get extra money so that he could pay for his sister to enroll in the university. Then Roni took out his android phone and looked for additional job vacancies.

The next morning, Roni gets ready to go to the market to work as a porter. Likewise, with Lina, the girl said goodbye to her brother to go to school.

"Roni, I've prepared breakfast on the table, I'm going to school first," said Lina.

"Have you had breakfast?" ask Roni

"Not yet, but I've already packed it for school meals," Lina answered.

"Well, you be careful on the way," said Roni.

After finishing breakfast, Roni immediately went to Kidul Market to work. While at the market, Roni saw a courier delivery person giving a package of food to an employee in the Kidul market area. Roni thinks that if he becomes a food delivery courier, Roni can earn more money for his and his sister's living expenses.

In the afternoon, Roni's job as a porter has been completed, because, at noon, the visitors at the Kidul Market have started to quiet down. So, Roni goes to a food company to apply for a job as a courier. Incidentally, a food company needs workers to deliver food, Roni is also accepted to work there.

So, currently, Roni has two jobs. In the morning he works as a porter at the Kidul market, and in the afternoon he works as a food delivery person. Roni is indeed a hard worker, his ambition to make his sister successful should be applauded.

In the evening after sunset, Roni went to the kitchen to make coffee, there was also Lina who was frying fish for their dinner. Then Roni gave the good news to his little sister.

"Lin, I got a new job today," said Roni.

"What kind of job?" asked Lina

"I just got a job as a food delivery guy," said Roni.

"Then you don't work in the market anymore?" Lina asked.

"I'm still working at the market, I'm working to deliver food during the day, so after I finish working at the market, I continue to work as a food delivery," answered Roni.

"Thank goodness for that," said Lina.

Day after day passed. In the morning until noon Roni works as a porter at Kidul market, in the afternoon until evening Roni works as a food delivery courier. The man does his job with enthusiasm because he has a goal to achieve. At 03.00 pm, Roni delivered food to an electronics store. Roni saw a poster pasted on the wall of the shop that said "Labor as Shopkeeper is needed". Then Roni asked a cashier at the store.

"Excuse me miss, I want to ask," said Roni to the cashier.

"Yes, what do you want to ask, sir?" said the cashier.

"Is it true that there is a need for labor here?" asked Ron.

"Yes, that's right, but for the afternoon until the evening," replied the cashier.

"What a coincidence, I work as a food courier only until the afternoon, can I work here?" asked Ron.

"Wait here for a moment, sir, let me first report to the store owner," replied the cashier.

Roni was waiting at the store, soon after that, the store owner named Mrs. Susi came.

"Good afternoon Mrs," said Roni.

"Yes, good afternoon," said Mrs. Susi.

"Is it true that you need workers in this store?" asked Roni, "I want to work in this store as a shopkeeper from the afternoon to the evening," he continued.

"Okay, if you want, tomorrow you can come here to work," answered Mrs. Susi.

"Thank you very much Mrs, I will do very well here," said Roni.

Roni is very happy to be accepted to work at the electronics store, now Roni has three jobs at once, he will get more money. Then he continued his work delivering food.

Two weeks later when Roni was delivering food, he saw a woman who suddenly fainted. Roni immediately approached the woman and immediately helped her. According to Roni, the woman had respiratory disease, so she was sure that the woman was carrying the medicine in her pocket or purse.

While looking for medicine in the bag, two strangers happened to pass by. They thought that Roni was stealing the belongings of the sleeping woman. The two strangers took a picture of Roni who was looking for medicine in the woman's pocket and bag.

After finding respiratory medicine from the bag, Roni treated the woman who had fainted until she woke up from her fainting. The woman thanks Roni for saving her. But a new disaster begins. The two foreigners who took photos of Roni uploaded the photo to social media until it went viral. People think that Roni is a thief.

One of the workers at a food company saw Roni's viral photo and told his boss. When Roni arrived there, the boss immediately got angry and fired Roni. Not only that, but the boss at the electronics store also knew about the viral photo. Mrs. Susi, the owner of the electronics store, immediately called Roni and fired him too.

Roni's fate is very unfortunate, he sits on the sidewalk and crying, because he can't fulfill her sister's wish to go to college. In his desperation, Roni burned a cigarette of his own, he had thought of robbing rich people, but he immediately realized that it was a bad deed.

Suddenly, a white luxury car stopped in front of Roni. When the car door opened, a woman got out of the car. It was the woman Roni had helped yesterday.

"Why are you crying? What happened?" the woman asked.

"I've been working hard at their company, but they fired me because they thought I was a thief," said Roni while showing a photo of himself that was going viral on social media.

"Oh, so it's about a misunderstanding, I will clarify about this incident in the media, so that your name is back," replied the woman.

"But I've already been fired, I'm the breadwinner of the family, I have to pay for my sister to go to university so she can reach her goals. If just a porter in the market, it won't be enough," said Roni.

"Don't worry, you can work in my company with a good position, I will also give a scholarship to your sister and cover her tuition fees until she graduates," the woman said.

"But I can't operate a computer, will I be able to do the job?" asked Roni.

"Our staff will teach you how to operate a computer, I'm sure you can," said the woman.

Roni wept and thanked the woman. He didn't expect to meet such a kind person. Now Roni's life is better than before, he has become a supervisor and his sister can study at a superior university. If we do good, then we will also receive good. Finished.

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very interesting story, i like the message at the end. In Buddhism, it is karma, which includes the law of sowing and reaping

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1 year ago

thank you sis. I don't understand Buddhism, but I believe in the law of sowing and reaping.

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1 year ago

This is a heartwarming story with a happy ending. The moral message at the end of the story is very good.

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1 year ago

Thank you very much for the compliment sir. It makes me even more excited to write short stories

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1 year ago

The story and narrative are very well written. This is a moving story. All of Roni's hard work was lost after a misunderstanding occurred. But the moral message in this story is very good, like the quote from Mahatma Gandhi, what you sow, that's what you will reap.

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1 year ago

although I don't know Mahatma Gandhi, but I believe that he is a great person. Thank you for the appreciation sir.

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1 year ago

yes, its true. he is great person

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1 year ago