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Keep Reaching Your Dreams

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5 months ago

That morning in the city of Blitar, Roni's mother shouted for her son who was still sleeping.

"Roni, wake up quickly, you'll be late," shouted his mother who was cooking in the kitchen.

Roni got up from his deep sleep, he took a towel and immediately took a shower, not forgetting to brush his teeth. After bathing and getting dressed, Roni immediately ate the breakfast that his mother had prepared on the table.

"You eat fast, you'll be late," said his mother

"Yes mom," answered Roni

After eating, Roni immediately went to school on his bicycle. He was speeding down the street because he was afraid of being punished by the teacher if he was late for school. Arriving there, the school bell has rung, fortunately, Roni came just in time.

While in class, Roni was punished by his teacher for forgetting to do his homework, as a result, Roni was sentenced to stand outside the classroom. Roni rarely does the assignments given by his teacher, even Roni's test scores are almost not good. When the lesson started, the teacher came to Roni who was standing outside the classroom.

"Roni, you have to study hard, so that you will be successful when you grow up," said the teacher

"Okay sir," answered Roni

"Now you may go to class," said the teacher again

Roni also entered the classroom so that he could follow the lessons given by the teacher. For Roni, it's useless to follow lessons at school, because he will never understand the lessons given by the teacher. When the teacher gave questions to the students, Roni instead of doing the assignment drew instead. The only talent that Roni has is drawing, the child often wins when there is a drawing competition between schools. The school bell has rung, school hours are over.

"Hey Roni, do you want to go home," said Jenita as she approached Roni

"Eh, Jenita, yes, what's up?" ask Roni

"It's ok, I also want to go home, let's just be together," replied Jenita

"Oh I see, all right," said Roni

"Soon we graduate from school, what do you want to do after you graduate from school?" ask Jenita

"I don't know, I'm not even sure I can pass," answered Roni

"Don't be so pessimistic," said Jenita, "You have to be confident and study hard so you can graduate from school," added the girl.

"Yes Jen, I will try my best to pass," Roni replied

"I've arrived home, you be careful on the way," said Jenita while waving to Roni

"Yeah, see you tomorrow," said Roni

Arriving at home, Roni felt tired, he wanted to take a nap. Not long after, his mother came to scold Roni for taking a nap and not studying and doing homework.

"You, you only work to sleep," said his mother, "what if you don't pass?" added his mother in a high tone

"Mom, even though I don't graduate later, I'm still alive," replied Roni, "Besides, not graduating is not the end," said Roni in a relaxed tone.

"If you are advised by your parents, don't be stubborn," said his mother

Now comes the day that the students have been waiting for, the day of the announcement of graduation at school. Roni sat in the corner of the classroom looking calm, while the other students were worried about their school graduation.

"What are you drawing Ron?" ask Jenita

"Eh, hi Jen, I'm drawing aliens attacking the earth," Roni replied

"Why are you so calm, aren't you worried that you will pass or not?" ask Jenita

"At least I didn't pass, I answered carelessly during yesterday's exam," said Roni

"Don't be like that, I'm worried if you don't pass," said Jenita

"Don't worry, not passing is not the biggest threat," said Roni

The teacher at the school came and called the students one by one. When Roni's name was mentioned, he came to the front of the class. The teacher congratulates Roni for having graduated from school. Roni also thanked the teacher.

"I didn't think I would graduate, I didn't think I would graduate from this school," said Roni

After school, Jenita approached Roni who was walking towards the house.

"Uh, hey Jen," said Roni

"After this, what do you want?" Jenita said

"I want to be a comic maker and write novels, that's my goal," said Roni

"Why don't you go to college, come with me to the city of Jakarta, we study there together," said Jenita

"Sorry Jen, I'm tired with the study on school," said Roni

Two years have passed since graduating from school, Roni every day makes comics and writes novels, but there is not a single publisher who wants to publish Roni's work. His mother is desperate to advise her son, Roni still maintains his ideals to become a novelist and comic writer. Until finally, their economic situation was destroyed because Roni's father had died a year ago. Now Roni finally realized that his life was not following his ideals.

Roni also stopped writing novels and stopped drawing comics for a while, now he is looking for a job that suits his desires. Twenty companies did not accept Roni to work, because the job that Roni wanted had to have at least a bachelor's degree. Roni was desperate and regretted not going to college with Jenita. Until finally Roni was offered to work in a textile factory, although Roni did not like the job, he was forced to work there to provide for his family's economic needs.

Two years later, Roni is still working in a textile factory, but he still writes novels and draws comics when he comes home from work and on holidays. He continues to pursue his dream as a comic maker as well as a novelist. On a day off from work, Roni went to the park to refresh his mind, then he saw a flyer attached to a power pole. The brochure was an advertisement for a novel-writing competition, he immediately registered in the competition. The prizes for the first place winners are huge and also, the entered novels will be published in several major bookstores.

Roni was very excited to see the advertisement in the brochure. He immediately went home and typed the novel script to be sent to the novel-writing competition committee. He wrote about his life story which was very difficult to reach his goals. Within two days the script was finished by him until a week later Roni was reported to have won the writing competition. He got 2nd place in the competition.

The novel that he entered in the writing competition was published in a bookstore. From that novel, he became famous, because the novel received world-class awards. In the end, many publishers came to Roni to publish Roni's works, including the comics he made. Now Roni is a famous writer and has published five novels and ten comics. Now Roni's dream has come true, he became rich because he did not give up on writing works.

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Written by   18
5 months ago
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I enjoyed this story. Even though Roni faces a long road in life, he continues to strive to pursue his dreams. Your story is very good

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5 months ago

I am glad to hear it. Thank you so much sister

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5 months ago