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You might already earning from this platform or want to start earning or joining this platform. What I am talking about is the platform. It is a Social Media like Twitter which you can post short messages and/or attach photos. What makes it unique from other Social Media platforms is that it allows you to participate in the Bitcoin Cash network or it allows you to earn some Bitcoin Cash by sharing your thoughts. But what really are your reasons joining this platform?

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In this article, I would like to share with you on why people are on People vary their reasons on why they spend time on this new Social Media platform. As you go along in this article, you will discover that people spend time on for the following reasons: to earn from the platform, to learn from the platform, to be updated with cyptocurrency, to be entertained, to share daily experience and to help other people.

Earning Platform

Majority of the people joined for earning opportunity and hodling Bitcoin Cash for the hope that soon it will pump and profit from it.

  • Earn Some BCH

It is actually a helpful platform especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Although, earning from this platform is not a substitute in having a job, it does help a lot of people to earn some Bitcoin Cash and sustain their basic needs. For me, it helped me buy my prepaid load for mobile data purposes which I used for my online reloading business and also for spending time on and

  • Hodl Some BCH

As much as others want to earn from this platform, many are also hodling their earnings from this site. Just like me, I hodl some of my earnings for the hope that sooner or later the price of Bitcoin Cash will go higher.

Learning Platform

Aside from the earning opportunity that offers, people can also learn about Bitcoin Cash and learn from others’ experience.

  • Learn About BCH

One main purpose of the platform is to spread awareness about Bitcoin Cash. Through this, a lot of people are posting about BCH. Even if you are not yet familiar with the Bitcoin Cash, this site is a good source of learning more about Bitcoin Cash. All you need to do is be active in the platform, discover posts about BCH, interact and asks anything you want to learn about BCH.

  • Learn from Others

If you are new to Bitcoin Cash, you can also learn from others’ experiences. Some posts their experiences about their journey on BCH. You can actually asks them how they do it, how they come up with their results or comment from their posts.

Crypto Updates

The site is also a good source of information about the latest price of Bitcoin Cash and a place to spread awareness about Bitcoin Cash.

  • Know BCH Price

You will actually be updated with the current movement of Bitcoin Cash. People post about the latest news, happenings and price movement of BCH. You can join chambers or channels that posts mainly about BCH.

  • Spread BCH Awareness is a perfect place to spread awareness about Bitcoin Cash as it is actually created to spread more about Bitcoin Cash. If you are not yet on the platform, the best time to join is now. You can join through my link. If you are already in the platform, now is the best time to invite others using your affiliate link and share it on your Social Media accounts.

Entertainment Purposes

People are enjoying for just having fun. They spend their free time in the platform. There are a lot of people who have their 9 to 5 job but they can still manage to have time in the site.

  • Just Have Fun

Enjoy posting about your daily life or enjoy other posts in the platform. It is actually a place where we can share the fun about anything under the sun. So, let’s enjoy, share and just have fun.

Social Media

Aside from having fun in the platform, it serves as a new Social Media platform too. It’s a new place where you can update your current status or profile, make new friends and interact with other users.

  • Make New Friends

As a Social Media platform, is a great place to meet new friends virtually from the other side of the world. Interact with them and just be kind. The screenshot below shows my current friends or subscribers whom actually I did not know personally but by interacting with them, I’ve learned at least about their culture, language and their way of life.

  • Interact with Others

Since is a Social Media, it is meant to interact with other users. If you saw or read a post, you can actually comment or say something what your heart want to say. But always remember not to spam the platform. Also, always know and follow the site rules.

Charity Purposes

Back few months ago, I’ve seen posts on about helping other people through donation drive. It was a good idea but I did not start my own charity right away.

  • Help Others

On March 28, 2021, I launch my own online charity here on but I actually suspend it just this month. Although, people can still donate on this project and it will still do its purpose, I will be the one to sponsor a child or a family from my earnings on and once I earned at least PHP 5,000.00 or USD 100 per month. So, the PHP 1,000 or USD 20 of my earnings will go to a chosen beneficiary of my online charity. If I did not meet the said earning amount, I will try it on the next month or every month but of course I will do my best to achieve this goal.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your purpose in joining, we are here to spread the word of Bitcoin Cash. Let us help the platform to achieve its main purpose. Let us follow the rules, and understand new policies instead of complaining, making rants and being angry.

So, to sum up, you have discovered different reasons on why people joined These are the following: earning from the platform, learning from the platform, being updated with cyptocurrency especially the Bitcoin Cash, being entertained, posting daily experience and helping other people.


Author's Note

I just started writing this article few hours ago.

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Written by   37
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