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Last March 28, 2021, we have launched the Bitcoin Cash fundraising online project called “Project Send-A-Heart”. In this article, you will know what really is this project all about, why it is called Project Send-A-Heart, who are the people behind this, what BCH wallet address we are using, how to become a sponsor, donor and/or supporter, how to become a beneficiary and finally, where you can find the Project Send-A-Heart online.

What is Project Send-A-Heart?

Project Send-A-Heart is a Bitcoin Cash charity online for the less fortunate and deserving elementary and highschool students. A student beneficiary will receive USD 20 or equivalent to more or less PHP 900 (depends on the USD-PHP rate) worth of school supplies. The school supplies will be shipped to the beneficiary's home address 1 to 3 days after we have successfully accumulated the intended amount during the run of the fundraising. Any excess amount will be sent via remittance or will be deposited to their ewallet or bank account whichever is possible.

Why it is Called Project Send-A-Heart?

We do not literally send the beneficiary a “heart” or donate a heart. But we call this project as “Project Send-A-Heart” as we are sending love to our beneficiaries. Basically, what we are sending through this project is our H. E. A. R. T. .

Help and Support - to provide the needs of the needy. We'll give school supplies to the deserving elementary and highschool students, basic needs to the less fortunate and any kind of support to the helpless.

Encouragement and Prayers - to uplift the depressed and hopeless. We'll publish inspirational messages, prayers, quotes or articles that will bring strength and power to the hopeless.

Advice - Aside from material things that we can provide to the needy, we'll try also to provide meaningful advice to those who are confused, wronged or those who followed the wrong direction.

Reward - to give rewards for the deserving ones. Once we have extra money, we'll set a promo tasks to earn you an exciting reward or I'll be sponsoring a beneficiary.

Tips - to share interesting and valuable tips. We'll share any tips on anything that will surely make one a productive and resourceful person. At least through this simple act, we can let them feel the love, hope and wisdom even from distant friends or unknown friends (sponsors, donors and suporters).

Who is Project Send-A-Heart?

Technically, Project Send-A-Heart is run by a one-man team. This is Frank, a newbie in the platform and would like to send some support to the less fortunate students through fundraising. Soon, we will also run Bitcoin Cash online mini-projects like contests, raffle promos and more. Please don't be confused with the “I” referring to myself and “we” or “us” referring to the team in all the articles published by this account @projsendaheart. The real people or team behind this project are the sponsors, donors and supporters to the BCH wallet of Project Send-A-Heart. As of this writing, we only have one BCH wallet for this project.

What is the Official BCH Wallet of Project Send-A-Heart?

The official Bitcoin Cash wallet adress of Project Send-A-Heart is: bitcoincash:qrx7nc5um9spchrv8qddtcumq8rtxjnz2v30xm7u74. Just copy and paste it in the recipient field using your BCH wallet when sending BCH to the project.

The official Bitcoin Cash wallet adress of Project Send-A-Heart

Alternatively, the official Bitcoin Cash QR code of Project Send-A-Heart is seen below. Just scan it using your BCH wallet when sending BCH to the project.

The official Bitcoin Cash QR code of Project Send-A-Heart

How to Become a Project Send-A-Heart Sponsor, Donor or Supporter?

Be part of this project by becoming a Sponsor, Donor or Supporter. To become a Sponsor, just contact us and let us know who is the specific beneficiary you will be sponsoring. All BCH or cash amount collected will be directly sent to the chosen beneficiary. To become a Donor, all you need to do is donate to our official BCH wallet for this project. All BCH amount donated or tipped will go to the beneficiary of the current fundraising. To become a Supporter (Subscriber, Follower, Sharer), just subscribe and/or follow our online platforms and share our pages/posts/links to your own Social Media account.

How to Become a Project Send-A-Heart Beneficiary?

Be part of this project by becoming a Beneficiary. To become a beneficiary, all you need to do is tell us your story in the form of writing it in an article, poem, essay or a short story. But this is not yet available as of the moment. We will post an update regarding this program.

What are the Official Online Platforms of Project Send-A-Heart?

Join with us through these platforms. Subscribe, follow and share.

What are the Official Hashtags of Project Send-A-Heart?

You can always use your own hashtags but for us we use the following in our posts.







“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished… it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.” - Denzel Washington

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