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$20 Bitcoin Cash Worth of School Supplies Sent to Ralph

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1 year ago

As promised that I will be updating you dear Heart Givers* about the Project Send-A-Heart for Ralph, here is the latest update. But before everything else, I would like to apologize for the very late update regarding this project. Although, the article has been already prepared just few days or a week after the beneficiary received our package, I was unable to post it right away for I was busy in the corporate world and I cannot access the platform in my old browser until I unintentionally abandoned the project. Rest assured that this project has been successfully completed and will still continue for the benefits of our beneficiary and future beneficiaries.

*Heart Givers - the new term we will be using for all the sponsors, donors, supporters and readers of Project Send-A-Heart.

As we launched the Bitcoin Cash fundraising online project called "Project Send-A-Heart" last March 28, 2021, we have chosen Ralph Mamusog as our first ever beneficiary. We dubbed this fundraising for him as "Project Send-A-Heart for Ralph". In this article, you will get all the updates regarding this charity like when this project run, who is the donor of $20, how we convert the Bitcoin Cash to Fiat Money, what we bought for Ralph, when was the package sent, when was the package received by our beneficiary and finally our message to every Ralph in this world.

The Project Runs Six Days

The fundraising for Ralph started on Sunday night of March 28, 2021 and ended on April 3, 2021 at 9:00 pm, Ph time. After a few days of running the project, there's no donation we received except our spare tiny BCH and thought of extending it to maybe a few more weeks or make it one month. But, it did not happen.

The Donor Who Gave $20

Just one day before the cut-off of our fundraising for Ralph, we have received a $20 worth of Bitcoin Cash from our Project Send-A-Heart Bitcoin Cash wallet (our main wallet for all donations) from @ewyr. @wyr was also a new user of and published some articles. We are so thankful that @ewyr donated for Ralph. @ewyr, you are an angel sent from above. God bless you more and more.

@ewyr commented on our article, "Small Wins are Great Achievement" saying that he/she has sent $20.
$20 has been received via our BCH wallet.

Bitcoin Cash to Fiat Money

Our main BCH wallet for the Project Send-A-Heart was a BCH wallet. Because of this, we cannot directly transfer it to fiat money but instead send it to our BCH wallet, convert it to PHP wallet, send it to our bank account, then finally withdraw it as fiat money using our bank ATM card. This will also be the process with our future fundraising.

We transferred the $20 BCH from BCH wallet to BCH wallet.

Buying School Supplies for Ralph

With fiat money, we have successfully bought school supplies for Ralph last April 4, 2021. One day after, we packed it with bubble wrap and ready for shipping. We have chosen to buy school supplies because we believe that he can use it for his studies soon. Let us support Ralph's dreams.

$20 worth of school supplies for Ralph.

Package was Sent to Ralph

Although we were unable to book online via our preferred logistics, the package was successfully accepted via other logistics shipping service on April 6, 2021. On this day, we contacted Jemecai, Ralph's sister who is a Grade 12 student. We talked about how should they get the package since they don't have a branch of the logistics in their place. The package then will be picked up on the nearby town, Mati. The package was addressed to their mother.

Package has been accepted at the origin logistics office on April 6, 2021.

Finally, Ralph Received the Package

Based on the logistics's website tracking facility, the package has been received on April 8, 2021 but according to Jemecai, they did not receive yet any text message or a call from the logistics courier informing them supposedly about the arrival of the package. But on April 12, Ralph finally received the package.

Package has been received at the destination logistics office on April 08, 2021
Ralph holding the package. Photo grabbed from Jemecai's FB post.
Ralph opening the package. Photo grabbed from Jemecai's FB post.
Ralph and the school supplies. Photo grabbed from Jemecai's FB post.
Ralph and the school supplies. Photo grabbed from Jemecai's FB post.
Ralph and the school supplies. Photo grabbed from Jemecai's FB post.

A Special Message to Ralph

We have sent a special message to Ralph written on the notebook along with the other school supplies package. The message goes like this:

Dear Ralph,

Nasaksihan ng buong mundo ang istorya ng iyong buhay na ipinalabas sa TV. Kami ay lubos na humanga sa iyong katatagan at determinasyon sa likod ng iyong sitwasyon at paghihirap. Nawa'y napasaya ka namin sa konting tulong na aming ipinadala mula sa Project Send-A-Heart, isang Bitcoin Cash charity online project. Nawa'y magamit mo ito at maging tulay sa iyong mga pangarap sa buhay.

Laging mong tatandaan Ralph na hindi ka nag-iisa, may karamay ka, may pamilya ka at may mga kaibigan ka. Kung nahihirapan ka, tumawag ka lang sa Kanya at siguradong malalagpasan lahat ng pagsubo


Original message to Ralph written on the first page of one of the notebooks sent to him.

Dear Ralph,

The world has witnessed your life story that was featured on TV. We are proud of your strength and determination despite of your situation and struggle. Hoping that we can make you happy with this little help from Project Send-A-Heart, a Bitcoin Cash charity online project. May this school supplies be an instrument to your dreams in life.

Always remember Ralph that you are not alone, people around you supports you - your family and friends. When you face hardship, just call on Him and you will surely survive from every trial.


That message was also our message to you our dear readers and supporters who may also experiencing the same struggle with Ralph or facing hardships in life. Just rely on the people around you, trust Him always and keep your dreams alive.

To sum up this article, you've got all the updates regarding the charity, "Send-A-Heart for Ralph". This update told us that the project run for six days, @ewyr was the donor of $20, we converted the Bitcoin Cash to Fiat Money, we bought school supplies for Ralph, we sent the package few days after running the fundraising, the package was received by our beneficiary and finally we shared our message to Ralph and to you our readers and supporters.

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

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Just call me Frank. Exploring cryptocurrency since 2015 is my enthusiasm and writing since I was young is my passion while helping others in whatever way that I can is always my heart's desire.

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I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the supporters of my project and my journey as a writer.

Thank you, Heart Givers!

To our dear readers, followers, likers, subscribers, sharers of our posts or articles, members in our online community and everyone who expressed their support in one way or another, I can't mention you all one by one but thank you so much!

If you would like to know more or support the Project Send-A-Heart, just go to this link.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much dear Heart Givers! May God bless you more and more!

All the love for Ralph!

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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I hope this charity will help more many children that need school support specially this days because the school year will start again Good job again

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1 year ago

Hi Heart Giver! Thank you so much for supporting me and this project. Hopefully, I can find our next beneficiary/ies soon and I can give back to them whatever I may have from this platform. Also, to all Heart Givers or donors and supporters of this project, thank you so much and may God bless you more and more.

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1 year ago