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3 years ago

The weather in Ukraine always amazed me because of fluctuation. Suppose, you wake up by seeing a beautiful sunny day but you ended up with the cold rain during the evening or afternoon. This happened to me a lot of times, I was amazed by seeing beautiful sunny days and ended up completely soaked in the rain. I have written several posts talking about Ukrainian weather in my journey but today in one post you will see the exact seasons of Ukraine.

Of course, Ukraine is known as winter dominating country but we love spring, summer as well as fall/autumn. Why? Because for 6 months Ukraine stays covered with the white fluffy blanket of snow. So, when winter finally says bye-bye, nature gets ready to become alive. Obviously, this entire transitioning period takes time...


So after long winter when you will see the first Siberian Squill started blooming which means spring is coming. At the end of winter and the beginning of spring when the transition happens, this Scilla flower starts blooming. I have noticed one thing, before the trees, meadows become alive at the beginning of spring.

Basically from February, the temperature starts increasing and at the end of march spring arrived for only 2 months. Sometimes spring stays less than 2 months. So, when street shops start selling tulips, daffodils, and other spring flowers that means spring has already arrived to make you happy. Not only nature revives with green leaves but also the entire environment change a lot.

Summer :

Spring is warm but not warmer than summer. During spring you will still feel the chill cool breeze where during summer hot heat will make you sweat. During spring you want to stay outside to enjoy the weather but summer will make you productive. Many people do all the activities during summer especially those who live in winter countries. Summer stays only for 2-3 months so people take the opportunity to make their life productive as much as possible.


Of course, the blooming sunflower will not disappoint you...

Fall :

After heatwave summer, fall comes with colors and a cool breeze. You just need a jacket to keep yourself warm a little bit but you will definitely enjoy the colorful weather. Nature gives her best to show the real beauty of her and the overall scenario creates a golden moment for everyone. From maple leaves to sweet pumpkin, everything will give you the vibes of the beautiful autumn season.

Sometimes you will find the frosty snow patches as well. Sometimes cold rain will soak you up completely.

When all leaves fallen down, nature gets ready for a long sleep, and these skeletons will remind you winter is coming...


Finally, after 6 months again winter arrives with gloomy dark days. Shorter days, no sun, cold wind, and snow will force you to stay home and warm. You will enjoy the snowfall but also will feel bored because of the long night... You will prefer staying at home rather than walking outside...

Such a change isn't it, from spring to winter. Every season comes up with its own identity and will make you habituated to stay with it. I wish I had enough words to explain these seasons but I don't have proper words like a poet...

Anyway, I hope you understood what I am trying to express here...



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3 years ago


Thank you for this beautiful article about Ukraine's weather. This would be very helpful to other people who wants to visit your beautiful country.

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3 years ago

Love it!

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3 years ago

Thank you...

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3 years ago

Sweet sweet post. Your winter sounds like the best season for the works. Stack up on content during the other seasons then use winter to write about it or put in some work that does not require too much movement.....

Good post!

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3 years ago

Thank you so much, yes here winter is long so we mostly finish our work during summer. Winter is for hibernation... Hahaha

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3 years ago

You are welcome. Hope to read more of these cos your articulation is interesting. How do people hibernate? With vodka? Hahaha No pun intended hahaha😅😂🤑

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3 years ago